Strongest support for Mortar deck is Ice Wizard. This is another great matchup Mortar deck with Ice Wizard as the support to make it the best Mortar deck Clash Royale. Let’s see how Mortar deck Ice Wizard works together greatly and how to win battle in best possible way. 


Hello there, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy with a new article. In today’s article, I’m going to talk about how to play Ice Wizard as the support for best Mortar deck along with other cards matchups. 

Ice Wizard for Mortar deck

First of all, you should know that Ice wizard has a frozen splash damage which can slow down the enemy until 35% down speed movement.

By having this passive ability, it means that ice wizard is a kind of the reverse of the rage spell. While the rage spell increases the speed movement, the ice wizard decreases it. 

Since there are so many troops which going to block the mortar, ice wizard can handle it so excellently. It’s nearly no troops can really break the mortar if there is an ice wizard protecting it. 

Of course, the deck combination matters if you want to play mortar deck. Alright, I’m gonna give you the right mortar deck with ice wizard.

Mortar deck with Ice Wizard


Average elixir cost : 3.2

Play This Deck


The first in our list we have the knight. Knight functions to tank in attacking or defending. I prefer the knight instead of the giant because we don’t really need to push the troops forward as we already have the mortar. 

The main purpose of playing mortar deck is to keep mortar stand longer on the ground so it can keep hitting the enemy’s tower.


Archers are helper for knight while he protecting the mortar. Send the archers after the knight so the archers can fight the enemy with the knight as a tank.

Most noteworthy, archers are also important for us to handle the air troops since the craziest damage dealer for the air troops is archers.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

I prefer to enclose minions to handle the troops like giant or Valkyrie or any high HP troops while we defend. Additionally, they can add extra protection for mortar.


I deliberately choose Rocket to finish off the tower if the enemy’s tower is low already. We don’t have to bother to finish off the tower by pushing more troops or put our mortar anymore

Besides, we have pretty cheap deck matchups here, so we can cycling rocket in 2x elixir. 


I prefer to enclose zap in case we face against inferno cards. Besides its ability to reset the gradual damage from inferno dragon,

I utilize the zap to diminish ground and air number troops which are used to counter the mortar. Zap is cheap, yet it eases the supports in handling swarms. 

the log-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Although we have zap already, We go with the log if there are ground troops approaching our mortar.

So, if the knight, ice wizard, and archers can’t any longer protecting the mortar, we can deploy the log to execute the ground number troops easily.

Attacking and defending 

First of all, we need to make sure that we have a strong defense before deploying mortar. At this moment, play defensively with Knight and Ice Wizard. 

I highly recommend you not to deploy mortar before you have knight or ice wizard on the ground. While we have knight as damage receiver, we have ice wizard to counter the enemy’s troops. Send minions or archer to help knight ice wizard in defending. 

After defending, build mortar. It can be placed at the bridge side or at the middle near the bridge. Make sure that you have ice wizard or knight survive from defense so they can continue their way upfront and protect mortar. 


Ice wizard and knight after defending

Once you have mortar built, pay attention to protect it with cheap cards and spells. You can send Minions or Archer if there are incoming troops approaching mortar.


Minions in countering balloon

Attacking and defending late game

As I said earlier, we can start playing rocket in 2x elixir. Aim rocket when enemy deploys their troops near tower so you’ll kill the troops and get tower damage.

Cycling rocket in 2x elixir 

Still, play the strong defense with ice wizard and knight. Keep your mortar protected with the log of zap as cheap cards.


Keep your mortar out of approaching troops

It’s basically similar way of countering and defending in early and late game. The key is to have troops knight and ice wizard before deploying mortar. Those troops would be better stand behind mortar so they can anticipate the troops near the bridge. 

Card replacement


the log-card-clash-royale-kingdomarrows-clash-royale-kingdom


Well, there you have it guys. I highly recommend you to choose ice wizard to be included in your mortar deck clash royale because why not. He is cheap, skillful, and has high HP. If you loves ice wizard so badly, I suggest you to check out my another article talking about best deck ice wizard

I’ll see you soon guys in another Clash Royale guide. Good luck!