A new challenge is arriving, it is called the Modern Royale Challenge!


Hello good morning, kids! As you wait for the new year, a new exciting challenge from the game will be also released.

The Modern Royale Challenge here will take you back to when the game released back in March 2016. Started from that date, there have been so many cards that released. Man, I even can’t remember all of them.

By looking at the “Modern” word, then the challenge here will ask you to play the challenge only with modern cards.

What are the modern cards? The modern cards are cards that were released after the March 2016 global launch. So, you have to know each card that categorized as modern cards.

The challenge itself will need you to win 6 wins to collect all the prizes. You can collect one-time rewards as you progressing in the challenge.

The funny thing is, you will get the amount of golds that has the same amount as the year of the game has been through.

2 wins will get you 2016 golds, 4 wins will get you 2017 golds and the sixth wins will get you 2018 golds.

As usual, the first entry will be free and 10 gems for the next entry if you lost. 3 lost will knock you out of the challenge.

Don’t worry, you can train yourself before entering the challenge as there will be also modern royale practice that will be also released the same time the challenge launched. It is just 5 hours from now!

The challenge will run through the new year from Dec 29 – Jan 1. So, get ready and collect all the glitters!