Another Lumberjack best recommended combo. Lumberjack Sparky deck combo and strategies are here. Let’s go

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JohnnyBoy is back again with another useful and awesome article for you dearest readers. In today’s article, we will discuss about a deck consisting of Lumberjack Sparky in one ultimate combination. The special thing about this is that we will have 2 benefits we get from lumberjack. The first benefit is he can connect to the enemy’s tower and make some hits due to its shockingly fast movement. Another benefit is that we can utilize its rage death effect to fasten sparky’s shoot. By the presence of lumberjack, sparky will have more chance to shoot its incredible thunderbolt.

Besides lumberjack sparky, we also play with the electro wizard as the leader on defense line. I prefer electro because he can handle the defense in solo action. This might be another reason why I pick electro rather than ice or fire wizard. The ice and fire wizard are excellent defensive troops but they should be accompanied with other support in doing the job. It is because once they focus on incoming enemy, they will only target on those specific troops in one area. Different with electro. Electro has 2 zap channel which can aim to 2 troops. He holds the troops by stunning them and give our tower time to deal more hits on those slowed troops.

Alright folks, before we continue our discussion, shall we take a look first at the deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.4

Play This Deck

As you can see that we include mirror card in this deck. We use mirror to multiply electro in most cases. By having 2 electro wizards on our lane, we will have more extra defense. There will be 4 zap channels that deal certain amount of damage and those 4 channels will slow every incoming troops.

Talking about defender, we also have skeleton army and the log. These 2 cards have different function. In one hand, we use skeleton army to distract heavy troops like pekka, sparky, elites, and other non-area dealers. Meanwhile, we use the log to execute swarmy such as goblin gang, skeleton army, goblin barrel, skeleton barrel. Another thing we can utilize from the log is to push the enemy away from our tower or troops standing near sparky.


The last defensive troop is witch. This motherly witch will play double roles here. We counter with sparky followed by the witch. However, we play the witch earlier since we defend. So, the witch will continue counter attack if she survives and follow the sparky. At this moment, you should protect the witch with zap or the log due to make her survive or at least remain half HP. And if the witch dies in defending then we don’t counter with sparky.


Defensive witch and skeleton army

Lumberjack Sparky orders

This might be the point of our discussion; countering with sparky and lumberjack. All we need to do to run this strategy is deploy the lumberjack on the bridge. Then, immediately launch sparky. Do this counter right after you defend. So, you have make sure that you have strong defense already and ready to shock the enemy. Complete this counter with the log and zap might be necessary too. Enemy must have any counter cards to stop the lumberjack. Nah, we help the lumberjack by launching the zap if he fights the swarmy. But if the lumber fights against single troops than don’t deploy the zap. Use zap specifically to execute defensive swarmy.

We need to deploy the lumber before sparky because we want him to die first and give its rage ability for following troops. If possible, we can run this strategy by having witch.

You will be enabled to counter with lumberjack sparky and the witch in 2x elixir moment. That will be better if sparky stand at behind lumberjack witch. By doing this, we protect the dealer from defensive troops.

Witch deals small splash area damage and we need it to counter vicious tiny troops (skeleton army). Remember to always support this counter with zap to stun the enemy.


sparky’s shoot succeeds due to fasten by rage effect

Lumberjack Witch orders

Another counter option we can run is lumberjack witch combination. This time we don’t include sparky because we only run a light counter. This counter combo is what you run in early game. Just keep your sparky to be ready to defend, in case you face tanker like giants (you might need it).

So, to run this strategy, we can deploy play defensively with the witch (perhaps with electro too). After defending with witch and electro, deploy lumberjack on the bridge to lead them in countering. That will happen if witch survive. And if don’t, keep your countering at this moment.


lumber in front of witch willing to sacrifice himself

Solo Lumberjack

Folks, there is one thing we can do with lumberjack. Play it solo might good for card prediction. It means that if we deploy lumberjack on the bridge shockingly, the enemy should deploy any cards to counter. By doing so, we will have 2 benefits. Firstly, we will know whether or not the enemy has swarmy. Prediction like this will make us to play sparky carefully by always ready the zap whenever we counter.

Second benefit we could get is to reduce tower HP a little if lumberjack connects to the tower. Don’t deploy anymore troops if you play solo lumberjack. We do this just to check and predict enemy’s card. Moreover, we can get little damage on the tower.


first lumberjack aims for card prediction. Second lumber aims to hit tower

Lumber at Middle

This is the last strategy we can do with lumberjack and sparky. So, when you already get one tower down, you’ll have a middle space area at the enemy’s lane. This is the place where we will deploy the lumberjack. But before, we should have sparky ready on the bridge first. Better deploy sparky behind princess tower (or around princess tower).

By doing so, you’ll have some time to recharge elixir. And once your elixir is enough to lumberjack, wait. Deploy the lumber right before the sparky enters enemy’s territory. We want the lumber to be enemy’s target.

If there’s none area dealer, you can send the skeleton army to join the countering line. Those bones will quickly run to the tower and pile up there. Another function of having skeleton army in front sparky is that we can protect sparky by utilizing army’s number troops. Those bones will be tower target and free sparky out of target and ready to shoot its thunderbolt.


lumberjack on the middle before sparky be tower’s target. (What to achieve)


Alright folks, what do you think about this strategy? It seems that lumberjack brings a lot of good fortune for so many troops. And sparky is one of those. Rage will fasten troops movement up to 25% and it means, we will no longer have to wait long time for sparky to shoot.

I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful. Please feel free to reach to our team and question anything you might wondering. See you again soon in another useful article.

Have fun!