Mirror them all! 


Well hello guys, long time no see! You are with me again the charming wasted uncle and I don’t know why I am still thinking that I am the most handsome guy in the world.

Have some confidence mate, that’s my advice for all of you. Especially for the upcoming new year, I think you have to.

Okay sorry for the bad first words. The Kingdom’s file series is back and today we’ll gonna talking a lot about one of my favourite cards in the game. Yap, the mighty Mirror! So yea let’s check it out


You can unlock Mirror card in the arena 5 (the spell valley). The card is a spell card that will create the twins of the troops in the arena. You can get Mirror in any chests, well if you are lucky enough anyway.



There is no actual elixir amount that Mirror spends. It depends on the card that you want to copy. Once you copy or mirror a card then the elixir amount that will be spent is +1 than the card that you copied.

Create the Twins

Mirror could easily become your favourite card in the game since it will suit any kind of deck. Like what has been mentioned, the ability of a mirror to duplicate a card will make a full advantage to every player.



The Dragon ready to be mirrored

The main reason is, if you have a favourite card in your deck then you can duplicate exactly like what it is.

By using Mirror you will have so many advantages, yet so much fun.

One of the example, when Mirror can give you advantage and fun, is you can mirror and copy the swarm armies like Skeletons Army. This is very effective to do to double your defence if you are attacked by your enemy’s tank. 

If your enemy, for example, deploy double tank like Giant Skeleton + Prince, then you can mirror the Skeleton Army to double their amount to dismiss the double tank with having plus elixir left since you would only spend 7 elixir total in copying the army compare to Giant skelly and Prince that cost 11 of your enemy’s elixir.



Twice the army’s amount with exactly the same powers

One of the most exciting and very effective things to use the card is to use it at the last minute when the double elixir happens. Here you can even mirror all the heavy elixir using cards. 

Imagine here you can create for example 3 baby dragons which are very exciting



Who can stand a triplet Dragons?

Not only creating like 3 Baby Dragons, with certain tactics you can create a double fun with double Witch + double dragon. 

This requires your passion to wait for the cards to appear in your deck by keep looking at the upcoming card that will appear on the left of your deck. Keep looking at the elixirs amount and ready to calculate them before copying the witch and the baby dragon.

In my experience using the double Witch + double dragon, sure it can terrify all of the enemies since they can dismiss everyone in the arena.



Double Trouble for the noisy neighbour

Since in the last minute the elixir will be very fast to refill, the card will be very effective to copy the goblin barrel. If until the last minute you haven’t taken down a tower then to copy Goblin Barrel will give you much advantage.

Imagine you can create such damage on a tower by throwing 2 Goblin Barrels. By knowing that the Goblin Barrel only spends 3 elixir then you just have to spend 4 elixir to do the next barrel throw.



Double Barrels for the far away lovers 

Not only like what have mentioned above, you can create more exciting things using Mirror combine with every card. A double or triple P.E.K.K.A maybe? Who knows. Even creating double Sparkies? Let’s see.  


Using Mirror, you can really have so much fun yet very effective and strong way to win a battle in Clash Royale. That is why Mirror is one of the players’ most favourite cards in the game.

With Mirror, you can also become creative in creating such tactics or strategy depends on your game playing characters.

Since I got the card well actually the card has always been a part of my deck. As soon as you get the mirror card then sure you have to test it out into your decks and game playing.

That’s all from me, if you guys have more suggestion using the card then give your opinion about in the comment section down below.

I am signing out for now, have a great day, cheers!