Hello, again my friend all over the world! It’s been a long time! Is it really been a long time? I don’t know, that’s what I feel anyway. Okay me the uncle is back here and again the game has a new innovation added to the arena to make the excitement is on the air once again. Today we knew that a new event has arrived, and the event would be called the Mirror Battle!


In my opinion, this new event will be one of the most exciting events in the community because this event would exactly test only your skill! Why is that? Because the Mirror Battle will make you battle with your enemy with exactly the same cards and deck. So, in this battle, you cannot make any more excuse since it is only your skill to put the best strategy to beat your opponents.


Not only you will fight with the exact same cards, there will be the mirror card includes in your decks. This week will the full week of the Mirror Battles!

The practice of the battle will start tomorrow, Oct 17 until 19 Oct. The rewards would be 3 Crowns: 300 Gold and 6 Crowns: 1x Mirror card. Then, there will be the Mirror Battle Challenge on Oct 20 up to Oct 23 where you would find out the prizes later this week. 

Make sure to start trying your skill in the practice tomorrow and be ready to join the challenge later on! Remember this requires only your battling skill so yea.. be the absolute king.

Don’t forget to put your thoughts on the new event down below in the comment section.

Me signing out for now, til’ next time cheers!