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The Clash Royale Kingdom crew are back again here and we will continue our discussion today on our series, the Kingdom’s file. Here is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion or tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can put yours.

And for this time, we will discuss the card that I think you guys have known much. The card is called: Minions



The minions are one of the first characters that you will see as you entering playing the clash royale. They can be unlocked in the arena 2 (Bone Pit). They are categorized as the common troops. The minions consist of three flying blue monsters.

I don’t think monsters is the right word anyway, sorry.


First, we will take a look at their appearance. The minions are looked like a flying wicked thing. Exactly not like the cute minions you see in that Despicable Me movie. I am more into these evils anyway.

They have blue skin, of course, they have wings, they have this sharp horn, they have that gym body and completed with the wicked smile.

In deciding to use them in a battle, you will need to spend 3 of your elixirs.



The Minions is quite a flexible card in the game. They can be effective to use in attacking and also in defending.

In using them for attacking, the minions deal big damage on everything they hit. They will use their strong punch on their enemies.

They will be very effective to use if you want to create a high damage to a tower once the minions are allowed to reach a tower.


Crushing the tower

It is best to accompany them with some troops to use them on attacking for example with the witch. As you deploy the witch, she can role as the washer in marching on to your enemy’s territory since she is able to attack the ground and air-based troops.

The minions here will have a role to help the witch to clear the way while the enemy’s troops are busy dealing with the witch. This is effective as you have slightly big chance to reach the tower and create such damages.

This is also can be used with the tank like P.E.K.K.A or Giant but they will be easy to dismiss if your enemy deploys the swarm armies like skelly armies while the witch can deal with that.

But remember that the minions have very low hitpoints where they also can be dismissed by cards like arrow or the fire spirits.

In defending, of course, the minions will an effective card to face the tanks. They can deal with cards like Giant Skeleton or P.E.K.K.A and prevent him to reach your tower.


Prevent the mighty P.E.K.K.A reaching the tower

As they are the air troops, then to deal with the skeletons or goblins will be an easy task to them.

If your timing is right also you can use them to deal with their fellow air troops like baby dragon or inferno dragon with deploying the minions right into the dragons’ face. This will give you an advantage in distracting them that have huge elixir cost.


Distracting the Inferno Dragon and giving a punch at least


By spending 3 of your elixirs and by seeing their abilities which are efficient and flexible in defending and attacking, sure the card will have some places on your decks.

As they are already familiar with you all guys, I think you maybe have some tips or tricks in using the card more effectively than what I got.

You can share it, everything on your mind. Add it down below in the comment section.

That is the end of our discussion I think. Just want a cup of coffee right now, be right back.