Good morning awesome people! Happy Tuesday! This is the second day of the week and I’m getting so excited after Monday. The whether out there is beautiful and perfect for starting the morning work. And today is very special too because I wanna give you the best way of playing Minion Horde. Besides, I have the best secret gameplay and deck matchups too.

In today’s article, we will talk about the use of several swarmy, including minion horde. So, in the deck, we still have other swarmy cards, not just minion horde. Although we will focus on minion horde, we don’t set them as tankers for others swarmy. We will still have one perfect tanker for it.

Before we discuss any further, let’s see what we have in the deck first.

Deck matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.3

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have miner in the deck. He will play the role as a tanker. Whenever we play the minion horde, we don’t always have to bring heavy tankers or expensive troops. It is because we will play differently than any other strategy.

We are forced to do the spell bait to make sure the horde don’t get died with one arrows damage or fireball.

That is another reason why we should bring another swarmy to force the enemy to deploy their arrows. We have goblin barrel which we will use as the bait. And if the enemy already deploy their arrows or zap, we will increase the chance of succeed of horde.

Besides, there is skeleton army that we can use to make the enemy deploy the spell. If the enemy doesn’t handle the army with the spell, we still have barrel. Just make sure that the enemy deploy the spell card first then we can go with the horde. Now, let’s talk about counter strategy.

Bait strategy since the beginning

Here we come to the countering plan strategy. So, since the beginning of the battle, we can send the miner or barrel first. Since the first time we counter, we already run the bait strategy.

Alright, let’s say that you deploy miner first. The enemy will technically deploy troops to disengage the miner. Now, we wait till that troops come into our lane, and this is the bait strategy begins.

Minion-Horde-Best-Gameplay – Strategies – Deck-clash-royale-kingdom

open attack with miner, nothing to lose, we hit the tower too

We deploy the skeleton army to hold the single target or melee troops. Inferno tower to counter tanker. So, choose the suitable cards for this defense. After we deploy the army, we can expect the enemy deploys arrows or fireball or zap to execute them.

Minion-Horde-Best-Gameplay – Strategies – Deck-clash-royale-kingdom

deploy army to stop the ram’s dash

The collaboration of inferno tower and skeleton army will probably make the enemy to deploy their spell. In one hand, their troops will target the inferno, while the army will pile up and brutally kill the troops. Nah, to stop that, every player will deploy the spells. 

If the enemy deploys their arrows spell, we can continue defending with minion horde. Here, we start to play the horde and this can be a bait horde. We still have mirror card, so we will still be able to have another horde.

Alright, after defending with horde and the enemy doesn’t deploy anymore spell cards than we can counter attack.

Minion-Horde-Best-Gameplay – Strategies – Deck-clash-royale-kingdom

minion horde on defending against battle ram and sparky

In counter attack, we will send the miner first before the horde enters the enemy bridge. Horde are the dealer and miner is the tanker. However, if the horde be the tower target first it doesn’t matter. Once the miner gets into the tower, we play our zap to retarget the tower. So, the tower will target on miner and free the horde.

Minion-Horde-Best-Gameplay – Strategies – Deck-clash-royale-kingdom

zap on it if the tower target the horde. Retarget it to the miner

Miner Barrel

Another secret strategy we can do to force the enemy deploys arrows is to play miner barrel. To run this, we send miner first. Right after, throw the barrel ASAP. Now, the enemy should really deploy the spell to stop the goblins. 3 unstoppable goblins with miner damage receiver will totally destroy the tower.

Once you counter with miner barrel, don’t deploy anymore troops. We should defense with another swarmy.

Minion-Horde-Best-Gameplay – Strategies – Deck-clash-royale-kingdom

Immediate barrel after miner

Miner army

This is stronger counter you can do to harm the tower more and more. It seems like playing with this deck requires us to harm the enemy little by little. It is because we don’t have any heavy tanker or greatest dealer in the deck. So, we will do countering with only miner and one swarmy. Still, this miner army aims to force the enemy deploys the spell card.

You probably wondering why we should always counter with the purpose of baiting. Good question, it is because we will have another swarmy after every miner swamry counter.

So, for example, once we deploy the miner swarmy, we can run the countering next after with another swarmy. Let say that we deploy barrel after miner skeleton army. In miner skeleton army, the enemy will probably deploy the arrows or any spell cards. Nah, whenever we throw the barrel, we don’t have to be so worried because the spell is already used. And the goblins will recklessly stab the tower without getting arrows death.

Minion-Horde-Best-Gameplay – Strategies – Deck-clash-royale-kingdom

miner army after the enemy deploys arrows or zap

Miner cycling / barrel cycling

It seems like these two cards have similar function. This is distance counter card we can use to reduce tower HP more and more. By cycling this, we can probably finish off the tower.

Mirror card

Keep in mind guys that nothing can stop this countering since we have mirror. Having mirror means that we will always have swarmy ready. Mirror the minion horde can hurt the enemy so bad folks trust me.

After we got first minion horde dead because of arrows, we still have another horde. Meanwhile, the enemy won’t probably have another arrows card. This is so fun guys because we play so recklessly with dangerous minion horde.

How to defend?

We have brutal a countering with bait strategy. Now, in defending we will run the bait strategy too. No matter what incoming troops are, deploy the inferno tower on the middle first. After you have the inferno, enemy will target on inferno first before the tower. Then, once the enemy target on inferno tower, we deploy our swarmy. That can be skeleton army or minion horde.

Minion-Horde-Best-Gameplay – Strategies – Deck-clash-royale-kingdom

inferno and skeleton army to disengage the inferno dragon

If the enemy deploy arrows to execute the swarmy, that’s good for us. And if they don’t deploy arrows on swarmy, their troops will dead instantly. Here we come to the bait strategy. I said that it’s good for us if the enemy arrows on the skeleton army. It is because we can continue defending with another swarmy; minion horde. The horde is more harmful than skeleton army, and we will have free harmful horde to secure the lane. After you defending with horde like this, the horde will probably survive and continue attacking. Here, we send the miner again like previous strategy with miner horde.


Alright everyone, that’s the best way to play horde; bait strategy. Troops like minion horde and goblin barrel are so weak against spell card especially arrows. Here we utilize their weak spot as secret strategy. Once they arrows on one of barrel or horde, we will have one of barrel or horde free.

See, there are so much thing you can do with minion horde. Are you horde player? If yes, please feel free to leave your comment or suggestion in comment section below.

Hope you enjoy this article and see you again soon!