Howdy! This is a beautiful Monday, and JohnnyBoy’s here excitedly begin this week with a new fresh article. I hope you guys enjoy my article. And for you who gives your comment or ideas on my previous article, I thank you so much! I would say this article quite special because we will do different thing and it’s so fun. We will have two tankers, but one tanker will present unexpectedly. This strategy lets us have extra protection for the damage dealers.


Miner is a Surprise

The surprising part is the miner; we will send miner to replace giant before the enemy kills our giant. As strikers positions, we have night witch and electro wizard in front. We have a strong counter position here, but don’t worry because we still have a solid standing ford behind. That’s the big picture of what we are about to talk here. Alright ladies and gents, let’s see the deck first before we talk further

Deck Matchups 

Average Elixir 3.1

Average Elixir Cost : 3.1


Giant and Miner

These two thick incredible creatures are our primary tankers. I already mentioned earlier that the miner would show up right before the enemy kills our giant. That happens for a reason; we want to have more times for the strikers to give more and more hit on the tower. I assume you get the point of how and when you should launch the miner. This strategy will be so easy, and I guarantee that you’ll cause terrible damage on the tower. We will talk about the plan later okay and let me show you the other supports.

one tanker?

No, two

Electro wizard and night witch

Night wizard electric witch is the sweetest couple on the game I suppose. That’s not because they have the similar ability; they are different of course. But the thing that makes them so sweet is because they are so mutual as they always protect each other. 

Electro wizard will stun and slow down the enemy. Meanwhile, the night witch keeps spawning its bats more and more. By slow down the enemy, that means ewiz loves the night witch so bad. He gives his life to let the witch lives longer. Oh, surprisingly I get too deep into their love, let’s move on guys.

The bats from the night witch will brutally strike the enemy while they have to take zap stun effect from ewiz. This famous electro wizard is not only helpful for night witch; he is great in supporting other cards.

The Log and Poison

The next in our list we have two spells that we use when we attack. You can choose other spells if you like. These are my suggestions only. Besides attacking, these cards are the primary defensive cards since we lack defensive cards here. The log works mutually with poison spell. We use the log to push the enemy and get them into the poison circle. At least, by combining them, our tower will have more time to kill those reduced HP troops.

Sometimes, the enemy makes us piss off by sending their princess. That’s annoying right, but here you don’t need to worry. Kill the princess using the log will be so worth it, trust me. Same thing happens when we face against goblin gang or goblin barrel. We can just log them, and they are done. There’s a quite similar way of using poison, put poison underneath enemy’s swarm troops is the way you use it. This probably won’t 100% kill the enemy, but this harm the enemy’s troops so bad.

Spear Goblins and Ice Spirit

These two cards are support cards. As you can see that I have spear goblins and archers. The reason why I choose both of them is that they can deal with ground and air units. We need them to defend from both air and ground units. There’s a slightly different job for the ice spirit. Specifically, we can use ice spirit to give its freeze effect whenever we go attacking. Although the effect is only for a couple of seconds, that truly helps.

Nah, there you have it, my friends. Do you agree with my list above? Please correct me if I’m wrong, okay.

Tips from Pro

Playing with this deck will be easier if we rely on counter attack. In addition, we better play defensively in the early game because we don’t have strong defense troops.

Strategy Plan

– As a smart move, we can send the spear goblins right on the bridge to throw some spears. That’s free hits guys, and however free hit, it’s still free, and we better have it.

– What I mean play defensively” is to play patiently and send the troops behind the tower.

– Start with the giant first. Put it on the tower.

– Let’s see what troops enemy sends to counter ours.

Giant is tanking the troops behind

– When they send a tanker to counter back, send electro wizard. One electro wizard can be so valuable. Not because of its damage point, but because of its stun passive ability.

– By stunning the enemy, it lets our tower to strike more and more.

– In this state, your giant probably gets into the enemy lane.

– Once that happens, send the night witch A.S.A.P

– Now, you have the basic counter position.

– Be ready to accept the fact that your giant dies.

– But don’t worry because we have more surprise; we have a substitute for the giant.

– Send the miner before your giant dies so that once giant dies, the enemy tower won’t target our night witch.

Send miner right after giant dies

– That’s the first counter. Now, let’s back on the defense.

– Electro wizard is our primary defender here. Whatever strikes us, send electro wizard to the battlefield.

– The electro will work so hard to hold the enemy. You wait till the elixir enough to launch spear goblins.

– When defending, we can always use ice spirit. That won’t cause you negative elixir trait because it’s only one elixir only.

– We can use the ice spirit after electro wizard

– While the electro wizard holds back the enemy, send the night witch to finish off those counter troops.

– The total amount of bats will eat away all incoming troops. Hopefully, those bats will save the electro wizard so that we can move on with electro

– If the night witch is still alive, send the giant in front of her.

– Do it again as the first counter strategy; miner ready.

– Now, let’s punish the enemy by putting the poison on the tower once our giant makes it to the tower.

Playing like this can bring you victory. But as I said, if you want to get three crowns victory, play patiently. After you had rough defended, go on to the next princes’ tower. Don’t open open to the crown tower. It’s too risky.


Very well, that’s long huh? But that’s how it is. I need to tell you the detail so you will go to three crowns. Just follow my strategy plan above, but if you have some better strategy plan let me know. I open request for you guys who probably want me to review any deck combination, etc.

Don’t hesitate to give the brilliant ideas okay. I am looking forward to those ideas for personal motivation to write you more and more useful articles. Alright guys, have a good day and see you again soon in another article!