What’s a miner rider deck? You’re right, it’s a deck of Miner and Hog Rider combination and this deck is the deck that we would discuss right now.


I guess you have known what these two cards can do in attacking the enemy’s lane.

So yea, no wasting time let’s just check out the deck

Miner Rider Deck:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Play This Deck

Like what you see above, it’s quite a simple deck. All of the cards above I bet you guys have known much. But, let’s see the description of the cards involved.


We bring these two spell cards into the deck. Arrow is a spell card that would fit into any kind of deck. Like what you know, it will be the one to clear all the enemy’s cheap cards.

Fireball is our end game card. To finish a dying tower and to wash the distracting enemy’s troops. It’s the card’s duty.

witch-card-clash-royale-kingdomvalkyrie-card-clash-royale-kingdommini PEKKA-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomskeleton army card-clash-royale-army

Skeleton Army is one of the most effective swarm armies in Clash Royale. They will be the one to tear all of the tank cards.

Mini PEKKA and Valkyrie is our main fighter. Both of these cards deal great damage on everything that they hit.

Valkyrie could wash the swarm army while Mini PEKKA could be used as a mini tanker upfront. To defend or attack they are great.

Witch then one of the most versatile cards in Clash Royale. She almost can do all things. Attack, defend, air, ground. She can deal with all of it.

Miner Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomhog rider-building targeting card clash royale

And our main damage dealers. Hog Rider is fast and only targeting building. So, to use him to ride his hog fast and crush the enemy’s tower is forever meta.

Our legendary card! Miner is one of the most unique cards in the game. His ability to dig the ground and appear suddenly wherever in the arena is the exact ability to do a great combination with the Hog Rider later in the battle.


Early Game

Time to test what your enemy’s card first. You can use Valkyrie to do so. Deploy her right on the bridge. She would be great as she can deal with almost all of the ground troops.

It is important to check whether the enemy has swarm armies or not. This is because we want to prevent our Miner Rider attack getting distracted by them.

After knowing a little bit about the enemy’s card. It’s time to do the surprise of the Miner Rider. First of all, deploy Witch behind your princess tower.

Let her walk first to the bridge. This is to distract the enemy’s troops to attack her. She would be fine. After that deploy the Miner Rider.

Deploy the Hog Rider right on the bridge. Let him run. As soon as the Hog Rider is reaching the tower deploy Miner right away. Place him to the targeted tower.

What’s next? I bet a great amount of damages hit your enemy’s tower.

Sacrifice the Valkyrie, she would be fine 

Last Minute – Sudden Death

In the last minute, you can do the same way if you want to finish another tower or just to finish your job.

This time you can do a more dangerous attack as the elixir is recharging faster. Now you can accompany the Miner Rider with the other great pushing cards like Mini PEKKA or the Valkyrie.

To just defend in the last minute if you have finished a tower then this deck is versatile enough to do that.

You got Witch, Valkyrie, Mini PEKKA, Skeleton Army or even the Miner to do defend. You can’t forget you have Fireball that could stop the enemy’s pushing.

The Miner Rider attack 


This deck is a great attacking deck to do a fast-surprising attack. In the other hand, the deck is also a versatile deck to defend and stop the enemy’s pushing.

Again, it would depend on what situation later in the battle but as long as you can adapt to the deck, I could guarantee you are the winner of the battle.

Okay guys, I think that’s all from me. Express all of your thoughts about the deck in the comment section down below.

Enjoy your weekend, come on go outside, see life. Cheers from me!