OH this is the end of this week, let me first say thank God it’s Friday. Hi dear readers! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. Lately, I’ve been playing with various kind of deck just to entertain myself. I play so much troll deck because to be honest I love trolling my enemy, and sometimes I get the victory on trolling deck. Today I’m gonna discuss the deck which is very wrong but strong enough to get me victory. Alright, Miner Mirror deck. Yeah, the strategy is as simple as the tittle. You attack by launching miner and then mirror it at the same place. But of course, I provide the best supportive card to anticipate the troops which block my miners. Alright, before we discuss the troll strategy in depth, let see what we have in the deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 2.4

Play This Deck

As you can tell, mirror card is one of the best card for trolling because it can double up any card and sure it will add some damage on the enemy. Mirror gets super if we use mirror golem or bandit or anything. But, after I combine mirror and miner, they actually work 100% without any serious tank or damage dealer. The combination between miner and mirror have another kind of dangerous different with mighty mirror golem or what so ever. Mirror miner gets dangerous because no troops can block miner since he goes underground.


miner again and again to get tower down

We can rely on goblin hut because this card can provide spear gobs to make the enemy target on the goblins in front of their tower, not focus on our miner which break through underground. Goblin hut can help miner to hit the tower. In the defending section, it can also function to divert the enemy’s troops.

As usual, you need zap whenever you play troll because it can execute the whole army at once zap. It can retarget the enemy, so whenever the tower hit on our miner, which is not a good thing for us, we can zap the tower and the tower will retarget into our goblins or spear gob. Or if we need the goblins to be alive, we can zap on the tower and so the tower will retarget onto miner. Here, we can set the miner as a tiny tanker for those swarmy.


zap to retarget the tower if we want minions to be alive

I like skeletons because it is cheap and it’s good for the card rotation. Skeletons don’t really deal serious damage in this deck because they don’t have HP and damage point. Throw away your skeletons to get the card you want on the next rotation. Really, skeletons are very good for distraction defend.

You better play minions in this troll because minion can cause the serious problem if there is just one of them unkilled. One minion flies, cover up by the goblins, can be so invisible and continuously make the free hit on the enemy. We can use minions for defense as well, but remember; don’t put the minion against the untarget baby dragon or any air troops. You can launch the minions after the enemy’s troops target on our tower. Minions aren’t tank; they are tiny flying strikers. Besides minions, I wanna give you another best suggestion and cheaper; bats. Bats and miner is a popular combo, this is the way we can push counter.


miner and bats (bats mirrored) is a smart counter option.

Although we already have goblin hut, we still need some more troops to get the enemy’s tower attention so that they won’t target our miners. Goblins is the right option to make more troops on the battle field. Goblins are fast, 2 shots killed, and they will go tank the spear goblins for a while so the spear gob can freely hit the tower. We can also launch goblins before the miner. S=launch goblins first, send the miner on the next launch, and mirror it. BOOM! The twin miners will make some serious trouble for the enemy. Trust me guys; goblins can be very useful in this troll; they can be the tiny tank to cover tiny spears.

We still need spear goblins to add some more air ground troops. Especially, to anticipate the enemy’s air troops. We don’t have the troops to defend the air. Therefore, you better pick spear gob to handle it and do their double job; counter and defend.

How to start trolling?

The thing we can do at early minnute is to launch the goblin hut at the centre of your lane. Then, launch goblins family. Stab goblins should be in front of the spear gob because goblins are the damage receivers. At this moment, the enemy will launch the troops. Wait and see until the troops leave the lane and coming to our lane.


this is the point of trolling

Once the troops are gone, you can send miner mirrored to the tower. Let the miners do their job, and you can anticipate the enemy’s troops which launched to block the miners by zapping them so that it will give damage on the tower too. 

You can play defense using the skeleton as a distraction, and the rest of the cards too. If we need extra defense, send defensive miner to be damage receiver. Because we don’t have any troops to tank our tower. 



This deck is truly just for fun, and if you like trolling you better try this deck. I got 5 out of 10 victories with this deck. Seriously, guys, I don’t even expect wins playing this deck. It seems wrong, but it works. Hope you enjoy this article and if you have any ideas or suggestion for the troll deck, let me know in the comment below. Bye!