And hello again my young champs, The Kingdom’s file is here again! I think it is a good day for everyone today, as it is Saturday, mate. You are entering the weekend!


Before you go to your favourite weekend place then I think it is a good time to for us to spend a little time to discuss maybe one of your fav cards here.

So, for today, the card that we will discuss is one of the legendary cards and his name is Miner.


What should we know about Miner? Miner is a legendary troop that you can find and unlock as soon as you enter the arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop).



By taking a look at his appearance, he looks like a scout boy who always smiling. I don’t know why, but he keeps reminding me of that boy from Up! Movie. He is cute, I think the cutest one in the game.

The boy himself always carrying a shovel as his main weapon. He would use the shovel to dig the ground and make a way underground to reach his target in a battle.

The legendary card itself will cost 3 of your elixir if it is deployed.

The Smiling Boy

Like mentioned above, Miner will dig the ground up and somehow creating a hole and a way to reach wherever the target stands. He is the only card in the game who can do so anyway, that is why he is one of the most unique cards in the game.

By having such ability, Miner would do his best to crush down a tower by deploying him right into where the tower stands since he just can show up out of nothing and start crushing the tower.



Dig his way underground right into the tower

It is best to deploy Miner in the corner of the arena just right behind the tower to prevent him targeted by King tower.

By showing up right near the tower, the chance of him destroying the tower himself is not that big anyway since he doesn’t have that great damage to crush the tower right away. So, it is advisable to accompany him with other troops.

One good way is to combo him with a bandit. The dash of Bandit could help you win a tower as she would be very quick to reach the tower. Miner here would do his job as a tank for Bandit and let her crushing the tower.

Miner would distract the tower to attack him while the Bandit would have a clear way to start hammering. By doing this way, it could guarantee you a tower down.

The dig and dash combo

The ability of Miner to be a tank card can offer you much since he will keep the tower or your enemy’s troops to be busy attacking him first. This is effective to put a Balloon to start flying to the tower since Balloon would have a clear way to reach the tower and creating the bombing damage.



Help to clear the Balloon’s way 

Having a quite similar way of reaching a target, the smiling boy will pair very well with Goblin Barrel as you can deploy both to a single tower and creating the damage. Again, Miner would do his job as a tank to let the Goblins creating the damage.

To pair the boy with Poison would be a great way. To summon Poison right on the tower can create a damage, while also clear Miner way from all the swarm army like Skeleton Army, that usually will be deployed by your enemy to counter him.

The combo above will create even a more devastating effect if you combine them with Hog Rider where he will add more damage and have a clear way to hammer the tower.


                                                              The hog poison digging combination

Not only to use Miner right on the tower, he could also be used as a surprise attack to your marching troops as he is also can be used as the physical troop in a battle or to distract the enemy if you are in a cornered position.

Since Miner is only based on the ground then he will be vulnerable against all of the air troops. Most effectively is Minion Horde as the horde will tear him apart quickly.


I mean this cute smiling boy should have been priced more than just 3 elixir concerning his unique and what he can offer you in a battle. I think the game is kind enough for only pricing the card that cheap. So I guess the legendary boy should be easily to have a place in your deck.

But again, that’s my opinion. Here in the Kingdom’s file, you can express whatever is in your mind about this card. So, if you guys agree or disagree with us then feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all.

It will be all great to hear all your opinions. Okay, time for me to have some coffee. See you guys later.