Holla clashers! A cold windy whether out there and the time right now is 13.27 PM. I’m sitting here together with kingdom’s team try to make a new feature for you readers. Alright, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy who will bring you another useful article. In today’s article, I’m gonna give you an article talking about Miner Spawners colony with miner as their leader in one deck combination. This deck and strategy will exhaust and put the enemy unease so badly.

Another reason why I think this is unique is because we will be combining plenty of spawners (barbarians and goblins) with miner as a tiny tanker. However, we don’t deploy miner at our lane leading following swarmy to the enemy’s lane. We will send the miner once the spawners are about to enter the bridge.

Besides, we have goblin barrel also. It seems like we will have distraction on the enemy’s tower so the swarmy will be out of enemy’s target. Or if the tower targets on our swarmy that will be okay too because we will have free miner or goblin barrel hitting the tower without losing its HP. What I’m trying to emphasize here is that having miner or swarmy as tower target is fine. We will have one of them striking freely the tower.

Alright, before we go any further, better we take a look first at the deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.9

Play This Deck

It seems like we will have another swarmy colony; minion horde. Actually, we can combine the horde and the swarmy in one countering package. However, the horde functions to defend primarily. So, better don’t include horde in countering with barbarian goblin swarmy.

To support the countering, we have fireball, zap, and spirits. Those are meant to handle enemy’s swarmy, especially the flying units. Troops like horde or bats might be a disaster here. So, we should standby those spells. Therefore, once you have miner and swarmy on the enemy’s lane, you prepare the fireball and zap to execute enemy’s swarmy.

Countering line ups and how to

Talking about tiny tanker, we actually have barbarians already. But there’s a specific reason why I still include miner on this countering. We want to have a distraction on enemy’s lane. This means, we send another troops that we can just throw up to the enemy’s tower to be their target and free our incoming counter troops.

We can use miner to do such job. He has a reliable HP and considerably fast hit speed. This man of distraction will attract enemy’s attention so the goblins and barbarians from the huts will have chance to connect to the tower and reduce its HP.


Enjoy your free miner. Swarmy be tower’s target will be good for miner.

Another card we can just throw up to distract enemy’s attention is goblin barrel. We can play barrel similarly doing what miner does. This time, we better throw the barrel once barbarians and spear goblins enter the enemy’s territory. I think this is popular combo utilizing spawner barrel. Countering with goblin barrel will be more excellent if we set the swarmy as the damage receiver. That will let the 3 stab goblins to quickly reduce tower HP.


throw barrel in the middle of countering


Strong countering always roots from a strong defense line ups. On the defense, we will have minion horde as primary defense card. Horde will spit its poisonous liquid and never let free any incoming troops. However, playing with horde is too risky. If we don’t know how to play this, we can predict the enemy’s card first.

So, before we go defensively with horde, better we play countering as much as we can at early game. And in the middle of countering, we throw the barrel some time to check whether or not the enemy has arrows or zap. If the enemy really has arrows let say, I personally will bait the arrows first.

Whenever you want defending with horde, deploy the barrel on the tower first to force the enemy deploy any counter cards. Hopefully the enemy will counter those goblins with zap or arrows. But if they decide to counter with any other troops, that’s okay too. Right after they deploy counter card to anticipate the barrel, they will run out of elixir. That’s when we deploy the horde.

Horde are fast, we can expect the horde to execute the enemy first before enemy’s elixir reaches enough to deploy zap or arrows. That’s how we can play defensive horde in this deck strategy. 


horde on defending first after enemy leash zap


continue counter attack










Miner and barrel are actually counter cards. Nevertheless, we can play defensive miner especially when we need a stopper card. That will be when you face against massive attack. Miner will hold the incoming troops for a sec and our swarmy will pile up.


defensive miner leads swarmy

Zap and Fireball

These 2 defensive cards are the card you should deploy whenever you are head to head with heavy troops such as three musketeers, golem or lava followed by supports. We play countering more often than defending. Give enemy more pressure by swarmy from huts. That will force the enemy to always defend and probably don’t have much chance to counter.

Different with zap. I believe you know already about how to play the zap. Zap on sparky, inferno dragon, or any other troops with charge and dash damage. This 2 elixir spell will let you to have a secure defense line by executing the swarmy instantly.

Both zap and fireball can be so handy in countering too. Deploy fireball to counter enemy’s troops that stand there to hold our countering.


The Hut Buildings and Composition 

We have barbarian hut and goblin hut on the deck which we can use as defensive building too. By putting it at the centre of your lane, every incoming troops will head to the hut first before tower. This distraction will let our tower to have more hits on incoming troops.


This is by far the best house composition. Welcome to the spawners residence

Send fire spirits to complete this action might give you extra secure too. Those spirit will burn themselves and safe their friends. Talking about the huts, you should always have these two buildings ready on the lane. It is because you counter with swarmy massacre.


Alright, what do you think about this spawners residence? Now, miner leads the fleet. Are you a spawners player? Please correct me if I made any mistake. Leave your comment or suggestion in the comment section below. See you again soon in another useful article. 

Have fun and peace!