Miner Best Gameplay, Deck Matchups, Strategies. The Power of the Underground

Hello ladies and gentlemen, JohnnyBoy’s speaking here. This is about the time of Christmas and Christmas is a perfect day for us to change our life and be better person. But that’s still one more month. In today’s article I’m gonna show you probably the best miner gameplay strategy and deck matchups.

Miner is a legendary card, cheap, and ruin the enemy focus. Free miner is a dangerous folks, therefore whoever play against miner, never let him free. And whoever play the miner, try as much as possible to play free miner. There will be a lot of intimidation of the enemy I would say. It is because we will send the miner in the middle of their defending. And we will have free miner behind enemy’s tower. Before we discuss more detail, let’s see the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.8

Play This Deck

As you can see that we don’t only bring miner to break enemy’s focus. We enclose the goblin barrel too in order to make a more convincing counter. We have the witch and prince which are the troops in front, barrel and miner are the men behind the screen.

There are combo of skeleton army and inferno dragon which common combo among players. In general, we will play the prince counter and add miner in all of sudden.

2 things we could achieve; free miner or the tank for the prince. Since miner has reliable HP, we can utilize him to tank the incoming troops.


miner tanks the primary dealers; prince and witch

How to counter with miner prince?

Although the miner is the tank, we don’t send miner before prince. Playing with miner forces us to play the tank differently. Send the miner right before your prince enters the enemy territory. Set the miner to be the tower target and free the prince out of enemy target.

Since the enemy’s focus will broke, either we will have free miner or free prince. Miner will tank the prince from the tower and prince himself will deal with enemy’s defensive troops. Here, we can expect the prince to get rid the troops and join the miner.

Not just simple as that. Before we go counter like this, we better play in slow tempo first. Deploy witch behind your tower. Wait till enemy deploy their counter card.

Leash the prince in front of the witch in defending. Afterwards, we can deploy the fire spirit to make a save passage for prince at least before prince enters the bridge. If the prince survives, he will run so quickly with its charge damage ready. Right before the prince enter the bridge, send miner.

Support this countering with fireball and arrows if you face troops like skeleton army, minion horde, minions, bats, goblin gang. We can use the fireball to specifically counter the three musketeers, wizards, barbarians, elite barbarians. Also, we can add extra damage to the tower by cycling the fireball. But this is unnecessary or plan C option.


Send miner once prince enter enemy territory


in order to tank the dealer and hit the tower

When to leash the barrel?

Another counter strategy is to go with the barrel. The best timing to deploy goblin barrel is when we have the countering troops in enemy territory. Your enemy will try to build strong defense against our countering troops.

Nah, while they are busy fighting, leash goblin barrel immediately. The enemy will probably lose its elixir to fight our counter card and here we can perhaps have free goblins.

In general, we leash the barrel immediately after enemy deploys their card. Enemy’s being Lack of elixir will disable them to counter the barrel.


Leas barrel right after enemy deploys royal giant (look carefully)

Miner little by little

What I mean by miner little by little is to deploy solo miner right after the enemy deploy their cards. After the card deployment, his/her elixir will lose certain amount, nah we can specially send miner for this mission.

Although the tower HP won’t be reduced significantly, but we still reduce the tower little by little. This strategy will occur if we have countering troops already.

So, never play miner little by little if you don’t have countering troops. It is because the enemy will have enough elixir to counter the miner.


miner to free hit while tanking

Miner to tank the inferno and witch

Another strong strategy we can so is to play miner as a tanker for inferno dragon and witch. To run this strategy, we better send the witch first behind the tower.

Leash the inferno dragon once your elixir is enough. Both cards will counter enemy’s incoming troops and we can support them with fireball or arrows or fire spirits.

Once inferno dragon and the witch are about to enter the bridge, we deploy miner to be tower target. We have skeleton army to add extra counter or to be tower target in order to free the inferno witch combo.

While we watch our countering card fight, we can continuously deploy immediate barrel and miner. Here, we kinda cycling the barrel and miner. On this state, the enemy will completely lose their defense because we over and over send immediate barrel and miner.


In 2x elixir

Now, our focus will be just cycling miner barrel, and play with witch and inferno. Similar strategy like previous, we always send the barrel right after the enemy launch their card. So, do with the miner.

Enemy’s focus will be losing because we have inferno dragon which they can’t let free. On the other hand, we have cycling miner and barrel which they can’t let free too. Remember that we still have fireball and arrows to support witch and inferno in countering.


cycling miner right after witch deployment. Look at the clock sign (red circle on miner)


barrel cycling right after wizard deployment (look at the time) cycling miner and barrel in late game


Alright folks, there you have it. Now you know that there are many things we can do to run this deck. This is the deck of miner, a lot of things miner could do, and you’ll be so pleased to see immediate miner and barrel.

I call it immediate miner and barrel because we really should deploy them to shock enemy right after they deploy cards. Well, I think that’s it for today’s article, I hope you guys enjoy this article and find this useful.

Folks, you are my inspiration to write more and more guide article, so please feel free to ask anything or request. See you again soon in another useful article!

Have fun!