Bandit Miner Combination, One of the Strongest Combination in the Game

Good day everyone! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. In today’s article, I’m gonna show you about an insane combination of miner and bandit along with the best deck to support it.

For you who get used to play bandit or miner hopefully this article can give you some new ideas or something useful for you.

Miner and bandit are typical card I would say because they both can come across the enemy lane unexpectedly.

I’ve been thinking about unexpected thing to shock the enemy and I’ve tried so many methods.

And it turns out that this deck combination can give me victories and I can do trophy push using this deck.

Alright, so we are going to play bandit as an unexpected card which comes up after I send some troops in front.

Yet, bandit is not the main card to surprise the enemy; it goes to miner.

I will tell you the detail strategy along with the deck combination.

Deck matchups

average elixir cost : 3.3


Play This Deck

The first in our list we have miner.

Miner can unexpectedly breakthrough the underground and make it to the enemy’ tower.

Having miner is another advantage for us because we don’t bother to build protection to deliver the miner.

The miner is the card which we are going to use in late game and give the enemy a shock therapy by combining him with bandit.

I’ve wrote about bandit quite a lot and I use bandit again in this deck to complete the miner.

I utilise its fast movement and of course its dash damage which can be so harmful.

Of course, we make the best support to execute the blocking troops, but it only happens in the early game.

In the late game, we no longer have to bother making solid protection for bandit.

We give the enemy two options, they should choose either they want to handle the miner or bandit when they both come together later on in the late minute.

I will explain the detail later on in the counter combo section.

Next, I pick Valkyrie because she can deal with area and of course I set her as a tiny tank.

The main job of Valkyrie it to be a reliable tank for defense.

Why I choose Valkyrie instead of knight or giant, it’s because Valkyrie’s area damage.

We have so many single target troops here and therefore we should have one troops which has high HP and the ability to deal with area damage.

Valkyrie will be completed by the electro wizard in defending

We have another splash damage dealer here.

Ewiz meant to defend the lane and Valkyrie can tank him while he deals great damage on enemy’s troops.

Besides as a damage dealer, ewiz can also slow down the enemy.

I will explain later about this in defense combo later on.

Having ewiz means we should have troops with area damage because ewiz is so lousy against numbers troops; Valkyrie is a perfect match for ewiz.

Besides troops, we will have poison because it can be very useful for both attacking and defending. 

Deploy poison whenever you wanna run miner bandit combo. 

Having poison together with them will add extra damage and nothing can counter the poison. 

Since we have bandit and miner, I think the log is a must.

It’s because they both are usually countered by annoying numbers troops.

And by only one log, the big problem will be no longer render difficult our miner and bandit.

The log functions to defend as well. We can log the enemy if they send spawners or numbers troops, or princess.

Also, reduce the enemy’s tower HP if we roll it on the bridge and in one line with the tower.

In case you see goblin gang or skeletons army in the same line with the tower, you can log them and you’ll have another advantage; you get rid the number troops and also hit the tower.

This is actually optional, but I like tesla.

It’s cheaper than inferno tower and tesla is all I need. Tesla can pretty much support our defense.

The main function of the zap is to retarget the enemy when we have miner bandit and the support coming to the enemy tower.

Miner and Bandit should be out of enemy’s target.

So, in case they both be the target, we can zap on the enemy and so they will retarget on other troops. 

How to counter?

Yes, like I mentioned earlier, bandit and miner are our main cards.

Send them both together to attack the tower.

You can run this strategy by launching bandit first on the bridge;

make sure you have miner on the list so you can immediately send the miner to the enemy’s tower.

Navigate the miner behind the enemy tower. So, we have a good positioning here.

We put miner behind and the bandit in front of enemy’s tower.

Here, we force the enemy to choose which one to handle first.

If the enemy handle the miner than the bandit can deliver the dash damage which can reduce tower HP a lot.

Or else, if the enemy choose to execute bandit first, our miner will be last longer on its snug place doing the hits that we want.

As an alternative, we can use Valkyrie and electro wizard to be the counter combo.

While playing using this deck, you don’t counter using just bandit and miner.

You need alternatives to run your countering. We can send Valkyrie as a tank and followed by ewiz.

These two cards are the starting point of our counter attack where we would send miner bandit combo later on.

Valkyrie and electro wizard can also be the two-solid defense.

Of course, we should combine them with more support to make stronger defense.

Not forget to mention that we can play bandit and miner in solo action. 

Better if we complete one of them with the supports.

Free hit miner with valkyrie and support

It depends on the situation, if you think you have enough support then you can just send one of them.

Remember, whenever you go with the bandit, deploy her on the bridge always after the countering attempt

Combination of miner and poison might be another alternative counter combo.

After we send the miner, we can put poison on the tower together with the blocking troops which usually sent to counter our miner.

Poison is an inevitable card that can significantly reduce the tower’s HP.

How to defend?

Although we have shocking attacking style , we also have a pretty solid defense.

The combination of poison and ewiz can make the enemy going mad because this combo is inevitable.

If we see the incoming troops, we can put poison; of course.

Deploy the poison in a place where we can reach more than one troops on one poison’s range.

When they get in our trap, send the ewiz to stun them to reduce their HP and more importantly ewiz will slow them down.

When you are head to head with inferno dragon, don’t worry because electro wizard will kindly reset the burst damage. 

Or else, we can go with valkyrie wizard. 

For those who doesn’t have electro wizard that’s okay. 

Replace the electro with the fire wizard will be a good option too. 

valkyrie with splash dealer. Can be wizard or baby dragon

Another defense strategy we can run is poison log combo.

This is one of combo which used by so many players.

So, we can put our trap poison first,

Then deploy the log to push them back and keep them still in our poison circle.

This combo is good but it can’t do much on handling the air troops.

Go with the splash dealer, can be wizard, electro, executioner, or baby dragons.

It’s cheap and no matter how many spawners or ground troops, we can finish off the spawners.

In terms of choosing the building card for defense is optional.

But here, I pick tesla because it costs cheaper elixir than the inferno tower.

We already have some combo defense card and we just need to complete it with one building card to ease their job.

Besides, tesla on the middle can distract the enemy troops to the middle before to our tower.


Having bandit and miner in one place means that we attack the tower while we give the enemy two options; which one should be handled first.

If the enemy chooses one of them then either survived bandit or miner will continue hit the tower.

Alright guys, that’s it for today’s article.

If you have any better suggestion or you want me to review anything on the next article, you let me know okay?

Bye and See you later!