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Okay back with the not so very wasted uncle. Today we the Clash Royale Kingdom crew back and will continue the series of our own, the Kingdom’s file. For you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

For now, the card that we will talk about is the card that I think you guys maybe have known much about in playing the Clash Royale.  The card that we will discuss now is called the Mega Minion!


Mega Minion? what kind of card is him? Based on his name that contains the word “Mega” maybe you would assume that he is kind of minion with the big body. If you are assuming like that, then you are absolutely right.

Basically, Mega Minion is a family of minions but the beast with bigger, stronger and scarier abilities. He has his full body covered with this kind of steel completed with his horn and his blue eyes. Give an intimidating impression to his enemy.


The Mega Minion itself can be found and unlocked as soon as you entering the arena 7 (Royal Arena). The card itself is categorized as a rare troop where you will need 3 elixirs to deploy him in the arena

The Flying Tank

The main power of the Mega Minion is he has a high damage that can destroy everything in front of him including troops, buildings and even your enemy’s tower. He can face almost all of the tanks and almost all the air-based troops.

The Mega Minion can dismiss a tank like Giant single-handedly and face a baby dragon. If he is fighting the baby dragon in a single match then the winner would be the Mega Minion.


The battle of air 

The power that he got is the same as 3 minions combine into one. But different from his little cousins, the Mega Minion can survive from Zap, Arrows or even a Fireball. Lovely, isn’t it? He is a full package of defending and also in attack.

On defending he can prevent a Balloon before it reaches your tower and drops the bomb. Not only that, the Mega Minion can face all kinds of building.

The same like balloon, a Mega Minion can prevent and dismiss a Sparky before it achieves your tower.


Crushing the balloon

To counter the Mega Minion, the most effective way is by using the ranged troops. Just like the other air-based troops, a Musketeer can dismiss him but remember from range as if he is near then the Musketeer will be lost.

The same as a musketeer, a princess with her range attack and arrows could kill the Mega Minion from distance.

Not only the ranged troops, one of the cards that can counter him is his cousins themselves. The Minion Horde can dismiss him since the Mega Minion can’t stand the 5 vs 1 fight. Oh, I hate when brothers turn into enemies by the way.


The battle of the brothers. Oh I hate this


A Mega Minion will cost 3 of your elixir. By seeing and calculating his abilities, then with only spending 3 elixir, I think this card definitely will have a place on your decks.

The Kingdom’s file is a discussion series. So, if you guys have something in your mind, your opinion on the card then you can discuss it all here.

Feel free to use the comment section down below to share them, mate. it will be all nice to hear them.

And I think it is all I have, for now, have a great day, cheers!