What’s up guys! JohnnyBoy is here with a new and useful article for you dearest readers. We know that the combination of balloon and lava hound is great, but here is the another great. As its name, maloons, yeah balloons and mega minion combination on the air will bring you 100% victory. Herewith, I’m going to mention deck matchup and the simple strategy to play this deck. 


Let’s go and see the deck.

Average elixir cost : 3



First of all, balloon is the first card you should have in the deck, it’s irreplaceable, and its damage has no equals. That’s kinda my personal opinion about the gigantic balloon. If the players actually can play balloon, it will be so powerful and hard to defeat.

With the proper timing and protection, we can run this strategy. The way to play balloon is pretty easy. You just need to tank it until it reaches the enemy’s tower. Then, the question should be how you can protect it?”. Alright, my best suggestion is by using mega minion because the elixir cost is very worthy and it has reliable HP to tank balloon. When the balloon gets closer to the enemy’s tower, you can combine it with rage or miner. 

Mega minion 

While we have a balloon as a damage dealer, mega minion is the best protector for balloons. It is because it has greater single damage compared with other troops and higher HP too. It flies faster and cost lesser elixir if compared with inferno dragon. You can try out the baby dragon, minion horde, or any flying cards. But trust me the meg minion is the right pick for this combo. We need the air tank which can deal damage on troops as well, that’s why we don’t pink lava hound because it only focuses on building.

Seems like, we won’t use inferno dragon due to it costs 4 elixir which is higher than meg minion (3 elixir). Of course, inferno dragon is stronger than meg minion, but we look for the mighty and cheap tank; mega minion. You don’t want to waste your elixir by launching high elixir cards because you already have balloons. Just pick mega minion, and you’ll see how awesome they are together. 

Damage dealer and primary card


the no 1 support


Last Standing Ford



Another important card is the miner. We can use the miner to steal attacking the enemy’s tower by deploying it to the underground and reach the tower. You send the miner when your balloon and mega minion are on the enemy’s target, so your miner will have free hit and deal serious trouble for the enemy. Or else, you can play defending miner by launching it for defensive. It’s fast, it’s cheap, stealer, and that’s how it will be the right pick for the backup. 


Furthermore, we have zap to retarget enemy. It is because when our balloons and mega minion are flying side by side, the enemy’s tower will hit the balloons, not the meg minion. You should retarget the tower by zapping it and let the mag minion be the damage receiver. So, balloons will last longer and be able to drop the bomb more than one. We can zap the enemy’s troops which hit the balloons and retarget them.


In the spell pick, I recommend you to use rage. Despite its low cost, it can fasten our balloon which has a long time to reload the bomb. The problem with balloon is its slow reloading, and it is vulnerable. However, it will be so dangerous if it succeeds dropping more than 2 bombs. That’s why we need to fasten it. That’s why we should use rage. 


Again, the cheapest card on earth can be very useful here. It functions to divert the enemy while we defend our lane. It’s cheap, yet it complicates the enemy.


I pick tornado because it can pull away from the enemy into its whirlwind and so your balloon will be out of enemy’s target. While our meg minion deals with the troops, your balloon will get into the tower pretty easy. While the tornado pulls the enemy together, you can fireball them and destroy them. The tornado can be so useful for defense and counter.

Inferno tower

Seems like the inferno tower is the primary defense card. To protect your tower, you might wanna use tornado first, and when they are gathered, you can deploy inferno so the enemy will be driven to the inferno tower. Afterwards, you need to launch meg minion to help the inferno beating the enemy. Meanwhile, you wait till your elixir is enough to launch the balloon and start the counter-attack.

Simple Counter Attack

– Launch your balloon when your lane is out of trouble.

– Send balloons according to where the meg minion goes.

– You better play one side and now let your balloon tanks the mega minion because after defending the lane, meg minion usually has reduced HP and need a tanker

– Prepare the miner launch.

– Lastly, run the ultimate; deploy rage or poison.

I replace miner with barrel but still in same strategy

Deploy rage when balloon is still healthy

Simple Defending

– It depends on the situation.

– You should launch the inferno tower to defend

– Launch skeleton to divert the enemy and better launch it after inferno

– When the enemy is diverted, launch tornado

– Launch meg minion to help inferno defending

– Play your zap to retarget the enemy.

– Retarget them to hit the other cards with higher HP in order to protect the lower HP.

Strong counter comes from solid defense, right?



There you have it guys, one of the most powerful air deck, maloons deck. If you haven’t tried this, you should. And feel the heat on the air. If you guys have any ideas about this article or you want me to review anything on Clash Royale, please feel free to leave your comment below.

Keep up and enjoy your day!