The Mega Knight deck is getting stronger with combo Wizard and Witch or known as Mega Wiwi Clash Royale. Here’s the guide article of how to play wizard and witch in mega knight deck Clash Royale. Cheap deck matchups, easy gameplay, and win guaranteed. 


Hello clash royale enthusiast! Here with me again JohnnyBoy with the combination of wizard witch and mega knight that creates very strong counter line up. Here’s the recommended deck matchups

Mega knight deck with wizard witch 


average elixir cost : 3.9

Play This Deck

clone card

Clone is a part of the trick which we would play. In countering with mega knight and wizard or witch, use clone to double up mega knight and the support.


Spear goblin is very cheap cards which we use to defend. Although cheap, somewhat they can be pretty helpful for wizard or witch in defending.

skeleton army card-clash-royale-army

Skeleton army is also a defense card which we use specifically to counter pekka, prince, or inferno dragon. Otherwise, you can still play skeleton army in counter push with mega knight. That would be pretty hard to choose what cards that suitable to counter mega knight and skeleton army.


Fireball and zap are two spells which I consider important. Use fireball to kill enemy’s defender which stand near the tower. Do this whenever they place defenders on the tower, you’ll get tower damage plus damage on the troops. 


And for zap, we you really need this in case the enemy has inferno tower or inferno dragon. Use it to reset the gradual damage. Otherwise, you can use it for defense against bats, or goblin gang. 

Attacking and defending

The basic strategy is to defend with wizard or witch or even better if you can have them both in defending. Then counter push with mega knight on the bridge after defending.

So, make sure you have a strong defense, use skeleton army or spear goblin to support witch or wizard. 


Choose suitable counter card

Remember, you don’t only have to defend with wizard or witch. Choose the suitable counter card is the best way to defend. After defending with the cheap cards, you can let them die and don’t counter push with mega knight.

Play mega knight on the bridge only if you have wizard or witch in defending. We need them to support mega knight. 


Mega knight and witch

When you defend with witch or wizard, continue with mega knight on the bridge as counter attack initiation.

According to my experience, in early game you would be hard to play mega wiwi one at the time. So, better wait till 2x elixir and you’ll have mega wiwi in countering. 

Attacking defending 2x elixir 

In 2x elixir, you better defend with one of wizard or witch. Wait till elixir gets above 5, send another wizard or witch.

Instead of playing with cheap cards, now we can strongly defend with wizard or witch. At this moment, don’t forget to play fireball to crash enemy’s defense.


Kill defender on their tower

If you do this, you make a positive elixir trade and moreover they won’t be able to counter push with the dead defender.

Keep in mind, after defending you need to deploy mega knight on the bridge before the survived defender enter the bridge. So, mega knight will lead your counter attack.

Once mega knight and witch or wizard get into enemy’s territory, use clone. 


Double up everything

Clone really complicates the enemy’s defense because there would be plenty of skeletons which distract the defenders.


Clone to strengthen defense

Clone can also strengthen wizard and witch even without mega knight. 


The key to win is strong defense, and continue to counter attack. In counter attack, use the clone spell to double up, before using it make sure you crash the defenders with fireball so they won’t last longer due to reduced HP.

That’s how you can win the game with mega knight deck wizard witch or mega wiwi combo. Good luck buddies!