Hey there, you are with me again, JohnnyBoy who ready helping you master Clash Royale. In today’s article, we are gonna be discussing about a heavy deck, yet, unstoppable of mighty Mega Knight. We all know how Mega Knight performance is, he is so powerful. Especially with area damage and jump damage as his passive ability. We will combine Mega Knight with another powerful card in Clash Royale, Three Musketeers. I know you might think that this doesn’t make sense. It’s too expensive. Keep up the judgment till you see the strategies bellow. 


In countering, Mega Knight will be a tanker for the Three Musketeers. So, we can cover the Three Musketeers to make them last longer and able to deal more damage on the enemy’s tower. Yeah, it’s insane combination guys, we cover the powerful Three Musketeer with the overpowered Mega Knight.

Despite its function as a damaged receiver, Mega Knight is also the primary card which can deal high damage plus its passive ability, jump damage. Alright, before we discuss any further, let’s take a look at the deck matchups first. 

Mega Knight Deck Arena 10


Average elixir cost : 4.0

 Play This Deck

We have expensive troops, Mega Knight and Three Muskets, and we don’t want counter failure because there will be wasting elixir. So, we will enclose the icy troops to slow down the enemy, and it can let our Mega Knight and Muskets strike them first before they block and be interrupters for our primary cards. Generally speaking, the icy troops meant to slow down the enemy. Although the effect doesn’t really impact to enemy’s speed movement, it still freezes them for seconds, and that’s so important for me.


Ice golem is interesting because we can call it a tanker but, in fact, it’s not so tanky. We just wanna use it as a bait which can walk around the enemy; use it as a distraction. We can use its death effect as well which can cause low damage on the enemy. Those icy troops can be the good defender too; we can send them to slow the incoming troops so our tower will have more time to hit them.


You should have this in the deck to fasten your elixir recharge. We need it so we can quickly launch Mega Knight Three Muskets. Build the elixir collector first before you launch any troops. Once you build the Elixir Collector, you can run the combo right after. This deck is expensive guys; we will wait for a while to launch the combo and it’s okay to take some damage first because we want to run the massive attack with the mega combo.


Next, we have two supportive cards. Yes, we can play these cards for defensive purposes. They can deal with ground and air unit, they are cheap, and that’s all we want for defense. We have attacking deck here and don’t get this deck to be more expensive by adding a more expensive card for defense. Bats and Spear Goblins are enough to counter back the enemy. Of course, before we send them we should send one damage receiver first, can be Ice golem or Mega Knight.


We also have one spell card to counter enemy’s troops that counter our mega knight and three muskets when they are in enemy’s territory. Having Zap really eases us because we can zap on them and don’t have to send more troops to go forward and counter back. Zap can handle the swarm army which is common card used to counter mega knight and musketeers.

What to do in early battle?

The vital thing you need to know is that you don’t play Mega Knight and Three Musketeers too early. Wait till 2x elixir only.

As a startup, build the Elixir Collector first. Lucky if you have it on the first card rotation and will be so hard for you if you don’t have it at first because you can’t run the mega combo.

When you already have an Elixir Collector standing on the ground you can split the Three Muskets from behind your tower, place it right in the middle. Afterwards, you can send the Ice Golem in front of the Three Muskets to be a tanker.

Don’t be too overcommit at first attempt and I suggest you to keep your Mega Knight and use it in counter push. When you do the counter push with Mega Knight send the Bats to support.

Prepare the Zap to counter the swarm army. It’s up to you know, if the Mega Knight is still healthy you can split the Muskets to support. Or, if you prefer defense, you can build the elixir collector again.


While you play defensive, build collector

What to do in late game?

When you are in 2x elixir, you can run the mega combo. We can start the mega combo by split up muskets first. 

Then send the mega knight in front of the muskets once your elixir is enough. We can add the ice spirit if you want a cold counter. Remember, Mega Knight is the primary card, so you can add more and more troops behind it if the knight still has high HP.

Don’t let the mega knight counter alone, at least add some supports to be his companions. I recommend Bats and Spear Goblins. 


Put everything behind Mega Knight

Three Musketeers can be our primary defensive card which we use to counter the enemy’s tanker together with the supports. 
We can start the massive mega combo by playing the defensive muskets first.

Or start with defensive Mega Knight, then Three Musketeers on the bridge

So, we will have time for elixir recharge until the elixir is enough to launch the Mega Knight in front the muskets. 
Once you have this combo, you have a chance to get the tower.

If you have destroyed one tower, you can utilize middle space area as Three Musketeers deployment.


On the middle, they are unstoppable

Card replacement 


Substitute Ice Golem with Knight


If you are new playing this combo, it will be hard. To prevent loses, we can play Mega Knight and Three Musketeers separately. I mean, we set each of them as primary card that are not combined together in one countering.

That’s it guys a short gameplay if you need some inspiration. The legend and Three Musketeers, yes, I love to call it by that name. You’ll have an epic battle with this combo guys. What do you guys think? Also, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong okay?

See you guys again soon, and I hope you’ll get a new inspiration after reading this article. Enjoy the rest of your day, and I love you!