Graveyard in supporting Mega Knight Deck. How strong it is?

Good morning Clash Royale enthusiasts! You are here with JohnnyBoy in another useful article. Kingdom’s team always look for updated best matchups deck strategy special for you. In this beautiful sunny day, we are gonna be taking a look at a deck, a strong one, consisting mega knight and graveyard as primary cards. Some of clashers hate the mega knight because this one is very strong, with arrival damage, jump damage ability, high HP, and sick area damage. However, if you get used to play it, you’ll love mega knight. The way to play him is very simple. But, we are not gonna focus on single mega knight and easiest way to play it. In today’s article, we will discuss about how excellent the graveyard is in supporting Mega Knight Deck.

We will include graveyard in together with Mega knight and combining those two cards in countering. The “what to achieve” point is to bring your mega knight forward closer to the enemy tower without getting hit by enemy. Utilizing graveyard as an insane distraction for the enemy to focus on. At the same time, we utilize Mega’s jump damage ability to tread any troops that try to shut the graveyard.

Unnoticeably, mega knight and graveyard creates synergy cooperation. If the enemy deploys their swarms on graveyard, that swarms will stand around the tower. seeing that action, mega knight won’t remain still and silent. He will jump on those swarms and probably hit the tower too. That’s okay too if mega knight doesn’t jump on the swarms group, we expect him to focus on tower.

And how if the enemy sends single melee to counter graveyard mega knight? Enemy will lose the graveyard. If enemy’s defenders target on mega knight, the graveyard will pile up and goin reckless.

However, the enemy can just shut both of mega knight and graveyard if we don’t add extra counter support. We will include goblin barrel as well to do the job; give extra counter damage.


Alright boys, before we go on discussion any further, shall we take a look at the deck matchups first

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.3

Play This Deck

Let’s continue our discussion. So, we will bring goblin barrel to add extra damage on the tower. If we add barrel on the countering, we will have 3 vicious cards and should be shut off immediately. Here, we give enemy 3 options. Which one to counter first; mega knight, graveyard, barrel. However, this strategy cost you very expensive elixir. This will only happen in 2x elixir.

Beside goblin barrel, we also bring minion horde. This one meant to defend. I believe you all know how does horde work. By having horde and barrel together at one deck, it can be said that we have spell bait strategy. If we deploy barrel to support counter and enemy leashes their arrows or zap, we will have bigger chance to succeed defense with horde.


In defending, we don’t only count on minion horde. There are wizard and baby dragon for us to count on. These two are area dealers. In most battle, I use wizard to defend the lane against any ground and air counter. Meanwhile, I send baby dragon mostly to support countering line up.

Graveyard in supporting Mega Knight Deck

I told you earlier about how graveyard can synergize with mega knight. Now let’s talk about the steps to run it. I will attach a GIF showing the steps.

So, to run graveyard mega knight, we deploy mega knight first behind the crown tower. Mega knight costs 7 elixir boys, and don’t you ever deploy it on the bridge if you wanna combine it with graveyard.

Before you launch mega knight, wait till your elixir reaches full bar. Then, deploy it behind crown tower. once mega knight enters the bridge, deploy graveyard. Or you can set the graveyard as the target by deploying it before mega knight enters the bridge. It works the same.


This is first counter strategy that we can run. We can add arrows or rage if enemy sends swarmy to shut off graveyard mega knight.

Minion Horde in supporting Mega Knight Deck

Horde is a very excellent defense card. I sometimes combine horde with mega knight in countering. This is harsh boys and even harder than mega knight graveyard. However, this one is so vulnerable against arrows or fireball. But, here’s the thing, if enemy leashes arrows or fireball, we only lose minion horde. Meanwhile, our mega knight won’t be affected so much because of fireball or arrows. And besides, we will get bigger chance for mega knight to have more and more hits because the enemy already spent some elixir to shut horde.

Just play minion horde for defense in early game. If you find the enemy doesn’t bring fireball or arrows, run this strategy on late game.

You can combine this counter with goblin barrel too.


Baby Dragon and Goblin Barrel

This is the last counter strategy we can run. Since we play baby dragon as defender, we can utilize its remaining HP in countering. So, after baby dragon defend and survive, it will head forward to enemy’s tower. At that moment, you throw the barrel once the tower focus on baby dragon.

We will have 2 benefits here; spell bait for barrel and tower damage of course. What I mean by spell bait here is that the enemy will probably leash their arrows to shut barrel. Meanwhile, our baby dragon keeps on dealing damage on the tower.


After the enemy’s arrows on barrel (if they have any), we can defend the next enemy’s counter with minion horde. At this moment, you don’t need to worry, we have bigger chance to succeed defense since enemy already leash arrows on barrel.

And if they prefer to keep their arrows specifically to shut horde then it’s okay too. Our goblin barrel will have more stabs on the tower while tanked by remaining HP of baby dragon.

Speaking of defense, remember that we have wizard here as the last standing man in countering. Use wizard anytime you need it.


Alright, what do you think? There you have it, graveyard in Mega Knight Deck. If you play with graveyard and mega knight, please let me know. Tell me what to improve and just let’s share. I hope you enjoy this article and see you again soon in the next articles.

Have fun!