The kingdoms’ crew here, with me now the wasted uncle and the newest news is up today. 


Since we know today that there will be a new legendary card named Mega Knight, it is confirmed today that there is a new challenge called the Mega Knight Challenge. The challenge here, in the end, can make you able to get the new Mega Knight on your decks.

Here’s what to know about the challenge:

As we look to our gadget screen per now the Mega Knight challenge will begin in one day time.The challenge would allow you to have the new Mega Knight card on your deck. You will collect the one-time reward with you progressing in the challenge. You can win the Mega Knight if you are able to have 12 wins.

The details of the reward are:

2 wins you can get 1500 gold

5 wins you can get 100 gems

8 wins you can get 1 Giant Chest of your arena

10 wins you will get 15000 gold


And finally, 12 wins you’ll get the mighty Mega Knight beast. The first entry would be free but the next re-entry will cost 100 gems. 

Read our previous preview of the new Mega Knight (I’m sure you’ll love that new card). Be ready and win that Mega Knight beast! Prepare yourself for the challenge! tell us if you can win it. 

Sure you can share everything in your mind about this new challenge in the comment section down below. 

Me signing out for now lads, Cheers!