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To start the early morning of this December we think it is a right thing to start with a discussion of a card that I am sure you have known very much.

Since it was released, the card has been used very much in the game. I think he is maybe one of the players’ most favourite cards right now.

And his name is Mega Knight, and as you know he is one of the legendary cards in Clash Royale.


What should we know about the Mega Knight?

The Mega Knight is a full armoured fighter and truly a destroyer beast. He has these two spiky huge hammers ready to destroy everything in front of him.


He also has his iron mask covered his face that suits him like a killing machine.  A truly heavyweight card to put in the front line on the battlefield.  

The legendary Mega Knight can be found as soon as you reach the arena 10 (Hog Mountain) where you need 7 of your elixir to be able to see him on a battlefield.

Smash Them Out

Mega Knight has unique power with combining his two hammers to smash his enemy right into pieces and destroy them right away. 

And what is interesting more about him is he has this unique power to smash his enemy by jumping right into the opponent’s face. Yes, he can jump!

He would jump from where he stands right through to the enemy’s face and smash them like nothing. I think this could make the offensive-minded players would feel good by using this beast in their deck since he can destroy anything of the ground-based card in front of him.


mega knight-jump

He deserves to go to the Olympics with that jump

One of the great unique ability he got is he has this spawn damage so once he is summoned to the arena then he will create damage on troops that stand in the place he will arrive. A card like a musketeer could die right away by this spawn damage of him once he arrives from the sky


The Spawn damage of the beast even can kill a girl 

The legendary mega knight is a total beast since he has both very high hitpoints and high damage. The high hitpoints make him will be very hard to dismiss.

This makes you not to ever ignore him once he can arrive on a tower as if he is let alone in front of a tower then the tower would be guaranteed being crushed down.

The ability of above is effective to make him as a tank card. The damage effect that is devastating also can make him a very good card to create the pushing for your enemy’s territory. He will tank while also destroying things in front of him.

Not like the other tank that usually will be easily dismissed by the swarm armies like the skeleton army, The Mega Knight can smash them. So, the grouped cards like goblins or skeleton army will not be so effective to counter him.


Smash the Goblins

To use the Wizard or the Ice Wizard also would not be great as again the mega knight will smash him into pieces. The roll of the log also would not be effective to use against him as he can jump and avoid the roll of the log.

But although he is a very strong card, it doesn’t make him uncounterable. As he can do nothing against the air troops then every air troops will be effective to counter him.

Most effectively to use the minion horde as the horde could tear the beast apart. Once an Inferno Dragon targets him also, then he would be easily dismissed by the beam fire of the dragon.

mega knight-inferno dragon

He can’t stand the beam fire anyway

On the ground, to use the other beast like the P.E.K.K.A to counter him then it would be good as she can kill him in a one on one battle. The Barbarians also could be effective to counter him the same way for the prince but you have to be sure that the mega knight would not jump first.


As a legendary card, he costs 7 elixirs but we can guarantee you that he could be very effective to put on the battlefield since he has those unique powers.

As what mentioned above the card currently is one of the most used legendary cards in the game. That is the proof of how much he can offer to your game playing.

But again, that’s my opinion though. The Kingdom’s file is a discussion panel so you can say whatever you want to say about this particular card.

If you think the other way and maybe don’t like the card pretty much then you express it all here mate. Feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all.

For your information, the Kingdom’s crew have reviewed the card once before and have created the best deck of mega knight where you can read it here

And coffee break for me now, see you later!