Good morning to all of you beautiful people all around the world! I really hope you will have a blissful day and remember God will always love you.


As I am in a good mood today, thanks to the shiny morning, I also have good news for all of you brothers and sisters.

Yap, following the announcement of a new legendary card named Mega Knight, it seems like the new card has grabbed a lot of attention. Since the announcement, there were Mega Knight Challenge that maybe you guys have joined in.

But for this time there is a new challenge again involving the Mega Knight. The new challenge is Mega Knight 2v2” Challenge!

You are right, it is a 2v2 challenge that will involve the Mega Knight. The great thing is the challenge will be double elixir! How could be it more exciting?

The rules if you decide to join the challenge are you will have to choose 4 cards for your deck. to choose the 4 cards, you will be given an option of 2 cards. You will choose one for you and the other one is for your opponents.  

It will go the same with your teammate. You will play with a random teammate as your partner. You can see what your teammate’s cards if the battle will start.

The Mega Knight itself will appear in the options, but not all the time. You have to be lucky to have him if he is able in the options given by the game. He can be appeared on your teammate’s deck or even on your enemy’s deck.

Since the challenge is 2v2 plus the double elixir, the challenge will be guaranteed as chaotic as it can be. So get prepared!

The prize itself will be a guaranteed prize of 130 gold coins and 2 cards and the top prize will be 1100 gold coins and 50 cards if you are able to win 9 battles.


The one time rewards will be 30 common cards for 3 wins, 10 rare cards for 5 wins, 2 epic cards for 7 wins and a legendary chest at 9 wins. But the legendary chest may not be containing the Mega Knight.


The first time you enter the game will be all free, but start for the next entry it will cost 10 of your gems.  

It starts today, as the prizes are so tempting I bet you all have the courage to test your skill!

Leave all of your thoughts on this new challenge or maybe some tips of the battle in the comment section.