Looking for the strongest, best, and 3 crowns guaranteed Bandit deck Clash Royale? Herewith, the Kingdom has the best Bandit deck with easy gameplay. Let’s see how to combine Mega Knight in Bandit deck, also learn how to counter and defense. 


Hi there, I’m JohnnyBoy with the best Bandit deck in combination with Mega Knight. In today’s article, we are gonna talk about the deck combination and the simple strategy that you need to know. Let’s see the deck matchups first before we go on the strategy

Best Bandit deck with Mega Knight 

Average elixir cost : 2.8

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We will set Bandit to wildly dash on enemy while the enemy still focuses on the mega knight. Yeah, that’s the best scenario of the combination. 


In this deck, I think the tank is the mega knight and you can put other troops behind mega knight to give extra damage while protected. 

You can launch mega knight first. Then, send bandit when mega knight reaches enemy lane. 

It will be better for you send other supports behind mega knight. Next, send bandit after the other troops clear up the lane. Here, we set bandit as the finisher who can quickly finish of the tower. Remember, the best bandit deployment place is on the bridge.

Send bandit after mega knight

Bandit comes!


Miner Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomBats-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Next, we have another combo of miner bats pushWe can utilize bats numbers to be the distraction to protect miner in case we face against air troops such as mega minion or inferno dragon. Otherwise, we can set miner to be the tower target and bats be the damage dealers. 

This combo is some kind of plan B in case bandit mega knight can’t destroy the tower.

Push attack and steal the opportunity by sending the miner and bats. If you have sent mega knight and enemy gives hard counter, you can steal your attack by sending miner. 

You can enclose bats as well to support mega knight and there would be mega knight to tank them.

miner bats or miner bandit can be good choices  

Bandit miner in action!


the log-card-clash-royale-kingdomzap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

The log and zap are necessary because bandit and mega knight are weak against ground and air swarm. Once you have mega knight or bandit on the lane, you need to prepare both spells.

Deploy the log to push back ground melee or ranger to help mega knight. And more importantly if you have bandit, the log will erase goblins or skeletons out of the way.

Zap on enemy’s air troops, especially bats or minions. Additionally, play your zap to reset inferno dragon or tower and sparky. 

Precise zap

Besides spells function in attacking, we can also use them to help our defenders. 

Use the log for defense and attack


Skeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom-common cardspear-goblins-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Skeletons and spear goblins are the supports and baits which we use for defense. While defending, I recommend you to still use mega knight and bandit as primary cards. 

Strong attack and defense 

We have two combos; bandit mega knight and miner bats in this deck, so you have big chance to win this game if you play it right and follow my instructions above.

In both defending and countering, your primary cards are bandit and mega knight. We need to have strong defense before running the countnering. Play mega knight cycling defense with cheap cards behind mega knight. 

Cycling defense with mega knight

The best attempt sends the mega knight first. 
Afterwards, you can choose either you want to run combo mega bandit or set the mega knight as an aggressive tank.

If you set the mega knight as a tank, you can play the miner bats combo after the tower targets on the mega knight.

Don’t underestimate mega knight bats dude!

Remember, always prepare at least one spell in case our attacking is interrupted by swarm army. 
You can you can put the mega knight at the center of enemy’s open lane when you get one tower already.

To secure your lane, you can do the baiting strategy using skeletons and then counter the enemy with the spear goblins or bats. 

Spear goblins and skeletons can really help your defense line if mega knight protects them. Keep in mind, mega knight is the one with highest HP, and he functions to tank our cheap cards in both attacking and defending.

For the skeletons, I mainly use them to distract incoming enemy by placing them at the center or at the corner of the lane. Otherwise, they are good for card rotation. 

Cheap and effective defense is distraction 

Lastly, you can play defensive miner as the last option if the condition forces you to do so. 


Alright, guys, I think that’s it for today’s article. See you on the next article, and good luck!