Mega Knight is the mastermind of all chaos.


Good Day everyone! I hope you still feel the excitement of CR yes. Alright guys, in today’s article JohnnyBoy is gonna show you the mastermind of chaos; mega knight, with a bunch of spawn troops; spawners.

As we all know that the mega knight is tanky and can deal with significant damage too.

This troop becomes more special because of its jump damage. We all know that mega knight will jump onto everything in front of him and land on it with significant damage.

I love mega knight thou, although this card is so expensive of elixir but worth its quality, agree huh? Although strong, mega knight still has a weak spot; he can’t counter air units. So, we will provide the best support for him and make him the mastermind of chaos on the battlefield.

What Should You Know?

The second thing you need to know is we are gonna combine mega knight with the barbarian hut and goblin hut.

The function of the spawners is to back up the mega knight

They also endlessly deal damage on the enemy while tanked by the mega knight.

We have spear goblins which can strike the air and ground units.

Barbarians can strike the ground.

Barbarians can be so helpful as a distraction and it’s even better because they have high HP.

Both barbarians and goblins will fill the field 

We don’t need to worry about the air counter because we still have more supports to specifically handle it.

Deck matchups

Average Elixir Cost : 4.3


Play This Deck

Barbarian hut and Goblin Hut

Fortunately, we have spear goblins from the goblin hut.

They can strike the air units, which is one of mega knight’s weak spot.

The combination of barbarians and spear goblins creates one mutual unification where the barbarians can tank the spear gob.

Even so, barbarians won’t 100% be the damaged receiver.

The tank is still the mega knight.

I already mentioned earlier about the unification of three of them, so I assume that you get the big picture of what we are doing here.

For defense, we can set the barbarian hut as a distraction which we place in the center.

Once the barbarian hut broke down, the enemy still has to finish off the rest of barbarians

They will take a long time as barbarians have high HP.

Bats and Ice Wizard

We can use bats to counter the air units.

But first, we should match it with mega knight first.

Remember guys, we have mega knight as a tanker so you should place the mega knight before bats.

Bats can quickly finish off the air counter and we can expect the mega knight still remain high HP.

To counter the air, we better send the ice wizard too to slow down the enemy.

If we can slow down the enemy, the bats will have more hits on them because the enemy will move slowly.

The combination of bats and ice wizard is a perfect defenders you can have.

The log and Arrows

Next, we have two spell cards which we can use to support the mega knight while attacking.

Keep in mind, the mega knight is so easy to counter by spawn army, so to prevent that ridiculous negative elixir trade, we better have the arrows and the log.

Use arrows to counter the minion horde, minions, or bats.

Specifically, use arrows to counter the air units and the log for ground units.

Get rid skeletons army, goblin gang.

Even, it can push away as well as reducing HP troops like the wizard, barbarians, musketeer, etc.

Playing with mega knight means that we should prepare those spells even we have the troops to counter back.


The last in our list we have a wizard.

Wizard can be together with mega knight and dealing damage.

Once you have a wizard and mega knight, the enemy will hardly beat that combo.

Of course, they won’t send their skeletons army to counter the mega knight because there is the wizard behind.

The enemy also won’t send their witch or any other single troops because the mega knight will kill it very instantly. 

Generally, we use wizard when attacking, but you can flexibly go with the wizard.

Use the wizard to defend from air strike can be good as well.

Then, continue to counter-attack with the mega knight.

Counter Combo

My friends, I have some counter combination you can use when attacking

Mega knight, Bats

This is the cheapest combo you can use, and the easiest to run.

You can start countering by sending mega knight first and immediately send the bats.

The bats can fasten the mega knight work in killing the enemy.

Despite its cheap elixir, bats are flying too.

So, they will cover the mega knight from the air strike as well.

If you want to push harder, you can launch one spell card; arrows if the enemy counter with air troops; the log if the enemy sends their ground troops.

We can also run this combo at the first attempt.

bats after the enemy targets on the mega knight

Mega knight, Wizard

Another alternative is the combination of mega knight and wizard.

I told you earlier of how this combo can be so hard to be beaten.

This can be so deadly if you run this in the counter-attack.

In the counter-attack, you’ll have more troops behind the mega knight; spawners from the huts.

Add wizard to join the crowd and those troops will beat down any troops; air, ground, single, numbers troops.

Barbarian hut and Goblin hut, Mega knight

Next, we have spawners plus mega knight.

We cover the low HP spawners with the gigantic mega knight.

One tank covers the spawners makes them so badass guys, trust me they are massive.

This combo is the deadliest you can have in this deck.

In one hand, we utilize the crowds as a distraction for the mega knight.

On the other hand, we set the mega knight as a tanker.

Mega knight leads his team into victory; mastermind


Defense Combo

Remember, a good counter comes from good defense.

Ice wizard and barbarian hut

Ice wizard is one of my favourite defense cards.

It is because the ice wizard has high HP and an ability that can slow the enemy.

Ice wizard has a frozen splash damage which can slow down the enemy until 35% down speed movement.

By having this passive ability, it means that ice wizard is a kind of the reverse of the rage spell.

While the ice wizard slows down the enemy, we set the barbarians as damage receivers.

Having barbarians as damage receiver can make the ice wizard lasts longer.

And when the ice wizard lasts longer, we can have extra protection because he can continuously give his passive ability.

Give more time for our tower to hit the enemy.

Mega knight, Bats

This combo can function to defend as well.

The quality of this unification is the same as when we use it to counter.

General Gameplay

– You can go with the goblin hut in the center.

– Build the barbarian hut

– At this moment, your huts will probably make a synergy where the barbarians go forward to the enemy’s tower and the spear goblins shoot from a distance while tanked by the barbarians.

Synergy means barbarians be in front and tankers


– Now, you run another counter combo if you have the chance.

– Another combo for the next counter is sending the mega knight along with the goblins and barbarians from the hut

– Don’t forget that you have two spells to counter enemy spawn troops

– Use the spell necessarily

– You can always build extra protection by adding the spell cards to ease everything.

Feel free to arrow all swarmy


– Better not to overcommit and prepare your defense

– Go defensively with the ice wizard

– Afterwards, you can send another mega knight to start the counter back

That’s the general gameplay. You have so many alternatives with incredible combos.

Mega Knight is the mastermind of chaos that recklessly ransacks the enemy’s defense.

This card is the key card for this deck and trusts me guys, playing with this deck you’ll have big chance to get three crowns.

Let me know if I made any mistakes and give your best suggestion or idea. And if you want me to review another combination or maybe questions please feel free to leave your comment down below! See you again soon, chaoo!