Holla everyone! This is me again, JohnnyBoy. In this valuable weekend, I’m gonna talk about a marvelous deck with night witch only as our primary card.


This is not a troll deck I would say because it causes serious trouble for the enemy.

We still have a tank and support to run mirror night witch.

Behold! Be the witness of a mess, night witch is so awesome.

Why Should Night Witch? 

I’ve written some articles about night witch decks and from those, you might understand how I feel about night witch.

I admire night witch a lot, although my favorite card is ice wizard.

I have particular reasons why I love night witch and some of you might agree with me.

Firstly, it is because the night witch has faster spawn time.

Another reason is that she spawns bats with more number spawns than the skeletons of a regular witch.

Bats is faster and they fly so they can’t be counted by ground troops.

That one is an advantage of bats; at least we just have to fight against air target troops only.

For you who haven’t found night witch, you can find this card in arena 8 Frozen Peak

Not forget to mention that night witch is very good defensive card.

Unfortunately, night witch can’t deal area splash.

She can’t counter the air units but its bats spawn are very fast.


Alright enough with my opinion about night witch, now let’s jump to the topic of the article.

In today’s article, I’m gonna talk about a new strategy where we are going to combine the night witch and mirror card.

These two cards are our primary counter cards.

So, there will be lot of bats in the air and more than one night witch standing on the ground.

Deck Matchups

Average Elixir Cost : 2.1


Play This Deck


This spell card will boost the night witch’ spawn time and attack speed.

The bats army from the night witch will strike the enemy incredibly fast.

In most cases, the enemy can’t handle it because they are too fast.

Moreover, bats are not building targeting cards, so they will counter everything in front of them.

When we rage the bats and the night witch, they will kill enemy troops like giant, musketeers, etc in a second.

The tower too, if they are free, they will destroy the tower in split second.

We will use rage spell only when the night witch gets to the enemy tower.


Another major spell card is zap.

This card functions to counter the enemy troops that counter our bats.

We can use this card for both attacking and defending, just like usual.

I don’t know why but playing with zap is essential I guess.

Besides its cheap elixir cost, it also can kill or reduce the enemy’ HP.

Use zap to counter goblin barrel, minions, skeletons army,

and if you have high-level zap you can use it to counter minion horde.

Minion or Minion horde is the most common card used to counter bats.

The Log

Seems like we can use the log to counter every ground units.

The log can push away the enemy and give our tower more times to strike them.

Use the log to counter goblin barrel, skeletons army, hog, and most noteworthy, princess.

Princess is so annoying guys as she can kill all of our bats in one swing fire arrows.

That will be so unfortunate because the bats are our main striker. 

Just don’t hesitate to launch the log once you see the princess coming.

Make sure the log hit the princess.

Usually, the enemy will place their princess near the bridge.

The log can be an alternative to get rid of the goblin barrel in case you’ve used the zap.

Skeletons, Ice Spirit, and Knight

For the rest of the deck, we have three supportive cards which you can use to defend.

Knight has a special job, he should tank the night witch

We can’t let the night witch going forward without any protection.

We need the night witch to live longer so that she can spawn more and more bats.

Use the ice spirit to freeze the enemy for a second. Freeze effect means a lot, guys, trust me.

For example, if your bats fight the minion horde, you can send the sneak ice spirit to silent them for a while so that our bats will win the game.

Other than that, zap can reduce the enemy’s HP too

Besides, we can prevent the prince charge charge, mega knight jump damage, and bandit and battle ram dash damage.

So, we can use it to help to defend.

It is cheap, efficient, and helpful, then why not?

Skeletons are distractions.

We can use it to distract P.E.K.K.A, elite barbs, barbarian, and any other ground unit.

They can also counter a hog rider quite well.

That’s the list of deck matchup guys. Now, let’s jump to the combos and gameplay.

Combo Cards

Knight and Night Witch

These two cards are so sweet since they always protect each other. Knight can tank the night witch.

Whenever we run the mirror night witch, make sure that you send the knight before

So, you’ll have a damage receiver for the marvellous night witch.

Having a knight and night witch means that we have extra protection.

In one hand, we have knight as a tank.

On the other hand, we have bats as distractions and dealers.

They are mutual and pretty much protecting our damage dealer; night witch.

Marvellous night witch counters inferno dragon


Rage Ultimate

We don’t have a lot of combo options here.

So, once you have a knight in the enemy lane, you can send the mirror night witch to join.

Once you have more than one night witch,

you can launch the rage to boost them all.

The bats will be more and more covering up the enemy’s troops and tower.

Extra Defense

You can play all cards to defend.

Remember, while you are defending make sure you have one damage receiver.

And it should be the knight.

Once you have the knight as enemy’s target, send the night witch to counter back.

Other than that, play the spell cards that we have.

I already mentioned how and when you can use the spell cards.

play mirror night witch in defending for more bats


Tips to Win This Game

– This deck is so GG and the way to play it is pretty simple

– It’s so easy. Just understand that your main focus is on the night witch and mirror

– Play the night witch as much as you can.

– Remember that you should always have a knight in front of the night witch

I think that’s it guys for today’s article. I hope you enjoy this marvellous deck and please let me know if I made any mistakes. Leave your comments and ideas about this article.

See you again soon in the next article! God Bless!