Aloha Clashers, have you found the great way to use the Magic Archer? As we know, Magic Archer is one of the legendary cards that have incredible skill, shooting a magical arrow with a long range. Even he is really strong, but he has a weakness against swarm troops and fireball..sigh. Then how do we use him effectively? Is it combining him with Mega Knight?


This is what we will find out today, the way we use him needs to be combined with the right deck. Okay then, without further ado now we will discuss the deck. Let’s take a look below for the combo deck.


Magic Archer Mega Knight Combo Deck


Average elixir cost: 4.6

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Bats-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomskeleton army card-clash-royale-army
Bats is handy when you meet flying enemies, but they will only be used for defensive purposes, never used them for an offensive. Same way for the Skeleton Army, you just need to use them when the enemy suddenly uses heavy deck troops, deploy them to stop the enemies at once.

Skeleton Army disturbing enemies focus

This is the only spell that you will need in this deck, and you might not need to use it if your opponent doesn’t threaten you with enemies like Sparky or Elixir pump.

One of the best building card which is very useful in this deck. You can always try to build it behind your tower, and then you can use it also when the enemies are attacking you with minion horde or swarming. Keep in mind this is also very effective to be used when you use the Mega Knight, you can fully support him to attack the opponent’s tower easily.

Well, he’s the main hero in this deck, but never used him in front of a group of an army or to rush to opponent’s tower. You need to deploy him behind our own tower and then he will slowly but surely going to the enemies tower, while he goes, give him a lot of support from the other troops like Mega Knight, Golem, or any different kind of troops that can support him.

Magic Archer gets the support

Okay, guys so now let’s discuss further the gameplay using the Magic Archer and Mega Knight deck.

In early game

Deploy furnace behind your tower, if you see in your cards, you have Mega Knight on that turn, you can indeed merely wait for the fire to rolling and when they come near the bridge, deploy the Mega Knight suddenly. This is what most of the Clashers do, and it is beneficial, because when your opponent see you use Mega Knight, mostly they will use swarming troops like Minion Hordes, and Skeletons or Goblin Gangs.

Furnace guiding Mega Knight to the tower


Remember don’t push too hard because the elixir is very slowly refreshed when you already deployed troops like Mega Knight or Golem. So keep trying to defend our own tower, using Bats, Skeletons, and Furnace.



Now, this is the very cool way to use this deck, entering this moment, your Elixir will pump up really fast. Remember to keep using the furnace, and Magic Archer, when you deploy Heavy troops like Mega Knight or Golem. Your opponent will surely not focusing anymore on Magic Archer anymore. This is your moment to keep attacking without them realizing that the Magic Archer already do significant massive damage to their tower.

Remember to use Golem only on unexpected death moment, this will surely surprise your opponent, thinking that you just have Mega Knight as the heavy troops…Instead, you give them a big surprise that you have both of them, Mega Knight and Golem. Mostly your opponents will really shock, give up and can be trounced.

Magic Archer completes the mission with the help from Golem


Okay, guys so this is all the strategy and the deck discussion, I hope this really can be useful for you guys to win the matches. Do you have any comments or suggestions after trying this deck? If you do let me know below.