If you are wondering how the new Magic Archer Clash Royale works, this is it! I will show you the best synergy cards, let’s learn how to use it effectively, and how to counter with Magic Archer. You can get Magic Archer legendary card in arena 11 and only 4 elixir. This is it, Magic Archer deck high arena !


Hey there, you are here with me again, JohnnyBoy, and I’m ready to rock your Monday. Today, I will review the new Clash Royale Magic Archer deck arena 11. For those who get this legendary card already, you should read this one because there are things you might not know yet.

Well, let’s see the deck matchups first

Magic Archer deck high arena


Average elixir cost : 3.4

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building targeting card clash royale-giant

As you can see, we have Giant in the deck. I highly recommend you to play Magic Archer with a tanker due to give a great support. Magic Archer is an excellent support card guys, and he has long shoot range. Therefore, you need a high HP troop to fill the front line.

Magic Archer is very effective support card because the arrows can breakthrough any troops straight to its long limit range. The arrow will pierce the enemy’s march until it reaches its limit range. Here I show you the video of it.

Oh man that’s long shoot, just like X-bow, but it pierces!

Although he has awesome performance, he doesn’t have high damage. Therefore, you need one damage dealer with higher DPS. And for that position, I recommend you to pick Prince. He will accompany Giant in front line while Magic Archer helping them killing the enemy’s defenders. Luckily, the arrow can penetrate up to the tower, so you can get tower damage as well.

Next troop that you need to bring is Royal Ghost. I’ve been combining Magic Archer with Royal Ghost and it turns out to be a strong synergy. Here is why, Royal Ghost will work like an assassin while Giant and Prince get near to the tower. The devil will silently sneak into enemy’s defender without be targeted and deliver the damage from its mighty sword. Seriously, he helps so much.

Both perform invisibly great under Giant protection


This invincible form being will work similarly to Magic Archer. They both would be invincible, in one hand, Magic Archer will unnoticeably hit the tower by shooting and breaking through the defenders. On the other hand, Royal Ghost will silently approach the defenders, out of tower target, and deal area damage. Cool right?


Another reason why I pick Royal Ghost is that because he can work cooperatively with Prince. You know, Prince needs one area dealer to support him while delivering his high damage.


Alright, for the rest of troops would be Mega Minion, Poison, Zap, and Ice Spirit. I personally pick those cards mainly for support in any counter and defense. Those will make this deck so cycling and yet, strong.

I will explain a bit why I specifically prefer Poison. This spell deals with area damage, and you can use this to support Prince, Giant, and Royal Ghost in enemy’s territory. Cover your attacker from any swarm ambush, it’s important.

What to do in early game?

When you are in early game, you can initiate counter first but you need to wait till elixir reaches full bar. After you have full elixir, deploy Magic Archer behind the crown tower. Then, send Giant on the bridge. Giant + Magic Archer will cost you 9 elixir, so you don’t have to wait for anything, send Giant immediately.

After you have both cards on the ground, send Prince once your elixir enough. Either Prince or Royal Ghost will be good for early counter.


This is one of the counter order


Another deployment order is to have Giant, Royal Ghost or Prince, then finally send Magic Archer. Remember, you need only one troop, either Royal Giant or Prince to accompany Giant.

If you send the Magic Archer after those attackers, place him at the centre right in front of the river. This will allow him to avoid the Log, or Fireball which aims to the counter line up. Here, you make use of his long shoot range.


Utilize his long range to support attackers


Alright, after countering you need to back focus on defense. In defending, you have Mega Minion and Royal Ghost as primary cards. Or else, you can use Prince for defense.

In early game, you will likely to play the spells as last card you use after you have any troops in counter or defense. The spells are good for support.

What to do in late game?

Once you enter late game, the counter archetype will be similar to early game. However, you can use Poison and Zap more likely this time to support every counter.

If you are defending and need more defenders, you can send Magic Archer to give sustained DPS. He can harm more than one troop, so he is effective. Just mind the positioning guys, deploy him on safe spot which out of enemy’s target so he will be able to continuously deliver its damage.

Cycling Poison will be a good idea too. Every time you have attackers on the enemy’s lane, you can deploy Poison on where the enemy’s stand. If possible, get the tower too so you’ll get extra tower damage.

Poison time!


Here, I often deploy Ice Spirit in any countering. This one is cheap, good for card cycling, and it can freeze the enemies for a second. It’s handy, for both countering and defending.

Card replacement


Substitute Prince with Lumberjack


Substitute Ice Spirit with Inferno Dragon


In conclusion, I will tell you my opinion for Magic Archer. I think he is not as good as other shooter, instead I prefer Princess. However, I can’t say that Magic Archer is a bad card because it performs effectively by penetrating breakthrough enemy’s march line ups. And more importantly, his shoot can breakthrough the defenders up to the tower.

Alright, that’s my deck recommendation guys, you should try it. I hope you win more battle with this strategy and deck, Good luck!