It’s time for some magic, it’s time for the Magic Archer!


Who is he? yep, he is the newest legendary card released by the game and today is the day that we will discuss him the newest series of Kingdom’s file.

For you guys who haven’t know much about the Kingdom’s file, The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

Magic Archer Intro

His name contains the word “magic” and that’s exactly what he can do on the battlefield. He has this appearance of a cool man with shiny eyes. His eyes are more like Aang from the Avatar series in my opinion.

He got this grey hair that makes him look cool. Not mentioning that he got his main weapon which is his own arrow.


His arrow is different from arrows that usually see in the arena. What unique is his arrow is also shiny just like his eyes, that gives us the more intimidating impression.

This newest legendary card can be found at the Arena 11 (Electro Valley). You will need to spend 4 of your elixirs to summon him in a battle.

Magic Projectile

Like mentioned above, he has this shiny light blue arrow or projectile I would say. This shiny projectile is exactly what the Magic Archer would use to destroy all the enemies up front.

What is unique about this shiny arrow is the arrow could hit not only a target. This is caused by the arrow that could pass through not only a target but also everything behind the target.

This makes him a great card to crush a marching on enemies. Once the arrow hit a troop then the troop behind also would be hit by that single arrow.

The magic projectile pass through the Skeletons

Not only that, the arrow itself have a very far range once it locks a target. It can hit your enemy’s tower right from your base.

Combining this range and the ability of the arrow to pass through all the enemy makes Magic Archer could hit troops as well as the enemy’s tower at the same time. That’s how dangerous he is.

Magic Archer would be very effective as the support card. To pair him with a tanker in front of him to protect him would be great as he can be the damage dealer behind the tank.

You don’t have to worry about the swarm army like the Skeleton Army, Goblins or the Minions also as he can wash them just by a single shot of the magic projectile.

 He is just great as a support card

He will be a great counter to Graveyard and Night Witch. His arrow could take on all the skeletons summon from Graveyard. While in facing the Night Witch he can kill her alongside her Bats from range.

The legendary archer can attack both the ground and the air which make him a very versatile card to use. Also, the same as Princess, Magic Archer can shots from the other side of the lane either right to left or left to right.

Attack from the other side


And that’s it the brand new legendary card of Clash Royale. As he is a legendary and by taking a look at what unique he got, well I am sure once you got him he could be one of your favourite cards.

Ops, FYI the Kingdom’s crew also have reviewed this card before and create the best Magic Archer deck for the high arena where you can read it here on our website.

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