It’s afternoon here in my lovely country. All I can see is the shiny afternoon sun and it’s just lovely. It’s a shame that my coffee stock runs out and the grocery is just too far away. It is sucks, I know. Gonna play the game for the rest of the day I think. 


Okay, continuing about the brand new four cards that will be released soon. Now I’m gonna give you a sneak peek of the other card, but this time the card is different from the other 2 before because this card is a new legendary card!

One of the two legendary cards that will be released is called The Lumberjack! What should we know about the Lumberjack? Here we have some early knowledge about the card

By looking first to his appearance, the Lumberjack is looked like that old man who spend most of his life in a snowy place. He has this yellow beard and use the typical Russian hat. He got this big lumber in his hand that he used to cut the trees. In my eyes, he looks like a hard worker carpenter though.


Since he always brings his lumber wherever he goes, the lumber itself will be his main weapon to face the enemy. He will use his lumber to crush all of the enemies in front of him.

He has high damage that could be enough to face the single ground enemy. Basically, he operates more like Knight or mini P.E.K.K.A in general.

Spill the wine


But the one that made him different and being a legendary card is he has this ability to summon a rage spell once he is dismissed in the battlefield. This is actually his main power.

So, on the battlefield, it is very effective to put the Lumberjack with other troops beside him. Once he is killed, then the rage spell that he left would make the troops beside him will have the rage and level up their power.




This is very effective for example when you combine the Lumberjack with card like Giant or Minion Horde. Once the Lumberjack achieves near your opponent’s tower and dismissed, the rage will help the Giant or the Minion Horde will be raged and destroy the tower faster.  

To counter the Lumberjack will be not so hardly as the swarm armies like Skeleton Army or the Goblins will easily dismiss him. All of the air troops also will be very sufficient to kill him in the battlefield.

But remember again his secret power behind his death. Well. that is all you got from a legendary status card, he is useful while he is alive or even when he is gone.

The legendary Lumberjack will cost only 4 of your elixir. So, I think it is easy for him to have a spot in your decks maybe also in your heart.

Alright, leave all of your opinions and thought about this sneak peek on the comment section down below. I’m signing out again here, cheers