Strong defense, rapid counter, and simple tactics are what we are gonna talk today. The lumberjack elite barbarians will rapidly destroy the tower. We are game determiner on sudden death


Holla people of the world! Back with me again JohhnyBoys with a new simple strategy that can bring you more and more victory.

Before we begin the discussion, let me take a breath “TGIF” and have a beautiful weekend everyone!

Well, in today’s article, I have a new recommendation deck and strategy with lumberjack elite barbarians.

What’s your first impression after hearing the lumberjack combined with elite barbarians?

Wow, we will go countering so rapidly folks. We don’t need complicated strategy or whatsoever to win the battle.

We will utilise lumberjack rage death effect for the elite barbarians and all of us will be the witness of the fastest troops in the game countering together with rage effect.

Not only that, we also have 2 bomb carriers as defensive cards.

Balloon and giant skeleton are our primary cards for defense.

What?? They are countering troops, not defensive.

Wait a sec, they have crazy death effect that can kill any incoming troops.

That’s what I mean by defending using countering bomb carriers.

We will let them die just to utilise its death effect.

This becomes more interesting I guess.

Alright, before we discuss further, let’s see what we have in the deck.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 4.5


Play This Deck

This deck is considerably the most complete deck; we have all types of dealers.

Also, we have some troops with very useful death effect for the sake of the rest troops.

I already mentioned earlier that our primary counter cards are the rapid troops; ebarb and lumberjack.

The key to run this combo is not to launch two of them at once.

But, we will open attack with the lumberjack first.

Lumber death effect will occur for a moment and that’s when we deploy the ebarb on the bridge.

Now you know why we should launch two of them from the bridge.

It is because we should launch the rapid elites before the rage effect stop.

Same thing happens with lumberjack.

We deploy the lumberjack shockingly from the bridge before elite.

Why should on the bridge? If we just one to utilize its death effect why should we wait too long.

Besides, lumberjack from the bridge will also reduce the enemy tower and pretty much reduce its HP.

bridge deployment strategy

How to defend?

Afterwards, the enemy must have some troops to counter the lumberjack.

See what enemy deploys.

If they kill the lumberjack with heavy troops like sparky, three musketeers, inferno dragon, PEKKA, mega knight, prince, we don’t deploy the elite.

Those troops will kill your elite quickly and the enemy will predict our strategy.

Deploy the bomb carriers; Giant skeleton to defend.

Best deployment place is on the bridge.

Once our princess tower aims one of the troops, we send the GS immediately.

GS will be like an unbreakable wall they should pass.

We force the enemy to kill the GS and that’s the point of our defending.

Once he dies, all troops will die instantly because of its massive bomb explosion.

That’s what we should do if the enemy counters lumberjack with heavy troops.

Different thing with the swarmy.

If the enemy counters lumberjack with swarmy, we send the wizard beside the prince tower to get rid those crowds.

Go with the wizards if you are head to head against swarmy, barbarians, minion horde, bats, and any other single troops.

Don’t forget that we have a pretty good distraction too; skeleton army.

Go with the army if you face elite barbarians, lumberjack, mini PEKKA, PEKKA.

That’s the simple defending method we can do from this deck.


How to counter?

It seems like we deploy any countering and defending card from the bridge mostly.

Alright, it’s time to attack.

Go with the rapid elites and lumberjack from the bridge.

They will shockingly run to the tower and in most cases the enemy will lose its defense.

No matter what, go countering with these rapid troops from the bridge.

That’s okay if we don’t have any cover for them. That’s why they are so rapid.

Another countering method is to go with the balloon.

Since balloon is flying, any ground targeting troops won’t be big issues.

Balloon is so slow; therefore, we need to launch the lumberjack first.

Wait till lumber dies.

While there is still rage effect there, deploy the balloon ASAP.

Here, we come to the fun part.

We force the enemy to always defending from inevitable counter.

See, how can they defend from inevitable bomb death effect?

Nothing they can do to stop the bomb effect which significantly reduce the tower HP.

Another combo we can do is regular counter combo with wizard balloon.

This is relatively popular and sure this is powerful like previous combo.

Now, we let the balloon to have one splash area cover.

Better run this strategy when you go with defensive wizard first.

If he survives, deploy balloon before wizard enters the enemy territory.

The combo of bowler and elite barbarians might be excellent too.

Start this counter after you play defensive bowler.

Actually, you can go countering with giant skeleton.

But I don’t recommend that.

That’s because this card is the primary defense card.

If you go countering with GS, you won’t be able to handle enemy’s counter attack.

We don’t want to lose our unbreakable wall when we need it.

lumberjack balloon on sudden death


Alright folks, you should really try this deck and I guarantee that you’ll win with this.

On sudden death, go with lumber-loon. 

Also, having the troops like this will enable us to be the game determiner on sudden death

Our primary problem might be on the building card.

That is distraction that can stop our rapid countering.

But don’t worry, we have balloon which is one of the best building targeting card.

So, whenever you face the building targeting card, destroy it first with balloon.

What do you think about this strategy?

Well folks, I shall go now but before, if you have any suggestion or question please don’t hesitate to leave those brilliant ideas on the comment section below.

Have a nice weekend and see you on the battlefield!

God bless!