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Howdy cool people! Hope you don’t get bored with me, JohnnyBoy. Readers are the number one inspiration for me to write more and more articles. In today’s article, I bring you a new fresh article that can shock you and you’ll see how great my discovery is.


Today’s topic came from opening chest yesterday. So, yesterday I opened my clan chest on my secondary account. And you know what, I unlocked lava hound! That surprised me; it makes me happy because I added a superb legendary card. That lava hound unlocked inspired me to write an article about it.

Nah, in my primary account, I got into thinking to combine a lava hound and a lumberjack. I’ve never done this combo before, but I’m sure that some of you might play with this deck.

Lumberjack = Massacre 

Alright so, I have three primary cards in the lava-loon deck; lava hound, balloon, and lumberjack. However, the game is quite similar to the lava-loon deck. But, since this is an experimental deck, I add a lumberjack to strengthen this lava-loon.

Lumberjack functions to defend because he is fast and quite tanky. This special card also supports the balloon and lava by giving its rage. You can set the lumberjack to tank the lava and balloon so that you’ll get the rage when he dies. A balloon and lava with rage spell are brutal guys.

That’s the general idea of this combination. Okay, let’s see what I choose for the deck matchups

Deck Matchups

Average Elixir Cost : 4.1


Lava-loon and the Lumberjack

The first in our list we have one of most famous pair cards; lava hound and balloon. Before I unlocked a lava yesterday, I don’t think to bring a lumberjack to join them. I just bring a rage spell to support, not the rage from the lumberjack.

After the presence of the lumberjack, lava hound won’t be the primary tank anymore. I mean lava is still going to tank the supports, but while the lumber is still alive, he is the tank. We need the lumberjack to die first to rage balloon and lava. Lumberjack is quicker than balloon and lava so that he will be the first enemy target.

So, to run this combo is simple actually. This combo will work if you play defensive lumberjack first. So, you counter the enemy ground counter using a lumberjack. Immediately send the lava to take damage so if the enemy brings the air units, they won’t target the lumber. Send the lava in front of your tower. Then continue with balloon if the lava gets in enemy’s lane.

In this position, we can expect the lumberjack still alive. Then, we can achieve the expected result; rage balloon lava. That will be crazy guys.

Arrows and the Log

Next, we have two spell cards. We should prepare these cards to counter the troops that interrupt our lava and balloon. Deploy the arrow to counter minion horde, archers, minions, bats, and any other swarm troops. Use it primarily to counter the air units and the log for the ground units. Having these cards are vital guys.

We will have balloon and lava on the enemy lane, and none of both cards can target troops unit. They only focus on building. So, even minions can destroy our counter. We won’t let that happen by bringing two spell cards.

Minions and Goblin Gang

These two cards can be played flexibly. Meaning, you can use them to support lava loon combo. On the defense, we can utilize their number troops for distraction. We can send the goblin gang first to hold the enemy. Meanwhile, we send the minions to fight back.

Elixir collector

I highly suggest you bring the collector. That’s because we have lava deck with a lumberjack. The elixir recharge will be so slow in this deck. So, you can choose whether you should bring this or not; it’s up to you.

That is the big picture of what we are going to do.

Now, see this strategy plan

– Before you send any troops, build the collector first.

– Once you have the collector, send the lava hound from behind your tower. That will give us time.

– Send the lumberjack and let him fight the enemy ground troops (if they have any)

Lava and lumberjack before balloon

– Next, send the balloon once lava gets into the enemy lane

– I hope the lumberjack can work hard on the ground and dies as a hero.


Balloon after lava and lumberjack

– It’s good to have your lumber dies on enemy lane because he will rage balloon and lava.

– With that rage, we can expect our balloon to at least get into the enemy tower.

– Once the balloon and lava get to the tower, prepare the arrows or the log (if enemy sends princess)

– That’s the first attempt

– Next, pump the collector again

– Now try to play defensive using minions, goblin gang, and lumberjack.

– Oh, don’t forget that you can always use lumberjack to counter enemy’s building target or tankers. He is the perfect card to counter those troops because he is fast.

– As you play the defensive lumberjack, you can run the lava-loon again.

– Different with previous, now try to send the supports behind lava-loon

– The right support could be minions or goblin gang.

– Hopefully, the lumberjack dies on the enemy lane, so that the lava-loon and supports can be a deadly ultimate.

 In 2x elixir, you can go so aggressive by sending lava loon, followed by goblin gang and lumberjack. The enemy can’t resist this massacre.

– If this massacre happens, you’ll get the three crowns.

Get your 3 crowns

Tips from Pro

We can use the death effect of the balloon for defense. When the enemy runs a massive attack, send the balloon as their target. One balloon’s down, but the death effect (last bomb) will explode the whole enemy.

Besides lava loon ultimate, we can have another ultimate; lumber loon. Here, we will have a lumberjack, balloon, and arrows to blow the enemy tower. Set the lumberjack as a tanker. We need it to die first to give its rage for the balloon. Followed by the minions could be better.

We can set the lumberjack and goblin gang as a counter alternative. Here, we have the fastest cards on this deck get together. The troop’s number of goblin gang will cover the lumberjack. They all will run quickly, make it to the enemy tower, and reduce the tower HP so badly. This combo will be inevitable if you place both cards on the bridge.

So, that’s it guys you have anything you need to know. Ah, please send me your ideas or suggestion in the comment section below. Your comments and ideas so much inspire me to write you more and more useful article. See you again soon and have a good day!