This is overpowered! A new combination of Clash Royale Freeze spell in forever meta Balloon Lumberjack Deck. It turns out that Freeze spell plays significant role in the deck. While Balloon gets Rage, the Freeze would silent every troop and tower as well. Nothing can stop the Balloon now. Balloon Lumberjack Deck, this is it!


Guys, at the end of this article, I provide you a short video gameplay which hopefully can help you understand the strategy better. Well, I believe Balloon Freeze combo is also popular among players especially in higher arena. Freeze is one of best support spells for the Balloon. Not only that, we will have rage effect to make the Balloon goes faster. And for the rage, we will get the rage by having Lumberjack. This time, we will support the Balloon without any tanker or following support.

We use Freeze and Rage to support the bomb carrier. This shall be interesting tactic with synergy deck. Let’s check out the Lumber-Loon deck.

Balloon Lumberjack deck


Average elixir cost : 4.0

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have several support cards to deal with area damage for Balloon and Lumberjack. We will have Valkyrie specially to support Lumberjack. Although the gameplay seems so simple just by sending Lumberjack and then Balloon, we still need something to lead the counter line on going to the enemy’s tower. Valkyrie would be in front of Lumberjack, we need to connect him to the tower first before we go with the Balloon.

How to connect Lumberjack?


There are 2 types counter you can run. You break the enemy defense first with Lumberjack and Valkyrie, then after the enemy kills our Lumber, we send Balloon on the bridge. Secondly, we can just send the Lumberjack and Balloon in tight second. That would only happen in 2x elixir.

Alright, if you are in early battle, you can play the Lumber-Loon by separating the Lumberjack and Balloon. We need to connect the Lumber first, then once he dies, we can send the Balloon while the rage effect still occurs.

To connect him, we play defensive with Valkyrie or Witch. After defend, we can counter push with Lumberjack once Valkyrie enter the enemy’s territory.

At this moment, Valkyrie will protect the Lumberjack from swarmy ambush. So, the Lumber will be more likely to make some hits on the tower.


First, we have to succeed Lumberjack like this

We can support the Lumberjack in countering with Arrows, if you see Minion Horde or ground swarmy.

How to connect Balloon?

Alright, after Lumberjack dies on enemy’s tower, we can send the Balloon on the bridge. This time, you should prepare Freeze spell.


If possible, freeze the troops as well

Once Balloon gets closer to the tower, deploy Freeze. Better if you freeze the enemy’s troops as well. In playing with Balloon, you can support it with Minions, or solo Balloon.

Balloon Lumberjack on 2x elixir

Once you enter 2x elixir, you can actually send both Balloon and Lumberjack at one countering. This is considerably shocking counter or known as Bridge Spam. Freeze makes Lumberjack Balloon out of enemy’s target because they would be frozen.

To run this, you just need to wait till Balloon and Lumberjack ready on the list. Then, you launch Lumberjack once the elixir full bar. After him, you send Balloon. Here, we set the Lumberjack to be in front of Balloon and other support because we need him to die first. So, we can utilize the rage effect for the sake of Balloon.

Now, prepare the Freeze. The enemy must have any troops to distract Lumber or to shut Balloon. We put Freeze on whatever comes to interrupt the Balloon and Lumberjack.

At this state, you’ll be amazed because the Balloon would have faster speed movement and dropping the bomb while the enemy’s completely silent.


On 2 elixir, run Lumberjack and Balloon on the bridge

Building card, Horde, Bats, etc would not interrupt Balloon and Lumberjack because we put Freeze on them. 
Seriously guys, you can’t replace Freeze with any other spells for this case.

The defenders


Alright, we know how to counter already, now let’s see what we have in defense line. In defending, we have Valkyrie as the damage receiver. In any battle, you need one troop as damage receiver. Deploy Valkyrie to hold the incoming enemy troops. Afterwards, we can deploy Minions or Witch to deal more damage on enemy. It can be said that Valkyrie is a tiny tanker for the rest of our cards.  


We also have Inferno Dragon. This one is anti-tanker, which we use to handle heavy tankers such as Golem, Lava, or Giants. So, you have anti-tanker deck here.


Next, we have Witch. We can use her flexibly in both defending and countering. As I said earlier, we should have Witch to support Lumberjack in countering.

Witch is an excellent hybrid troop that can handle air units. So, our Lumberjack would most likely to connect to the tower, makes some hits, and give rage effect for Balloon, which we send after Lumberjack.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Another hybrid troop is Minions. Similar to Witch, we can play Minions flexibly in any lane as support. I highly suggest you to defend with Minions if you fight Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, of other swarmy. Although we have Arrows to do such job, we better keep Arrows to support counter only.

Card replacement


Substitute Inferno Dragon with Inferno Tower


In this article, I will show you an excellent gameplay to make you understand the strategy better. Good luck!


Eventually, this deck consists of 2 counter archetypes; Lumber-Loon and Balloon Freeze. Balloon is the no.1 vital card here. There are so many strategies with Balloon you can do. However, this deck is made to maximize Balloon ability. Now, Balloon is faster, and drop the bomb freely on enemy’s tower without being attacked.

Let me know what you guys think about this article. Please feel free to question me anything you might doubt of. See you again soon in another credible strategy. You follow my steps above, and you’ll thank me later.

See you on battlefield!