Hey, guys! Verdaccio here, back to you to share some deck guide with you. Today it’s going to be the Lumberjack Balloon Deck story. 


I’m so excited to present to you guys my fun deck. It is a cycling deck. Hence, this is a win-condition deck, I assure you. 

Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Lumberjack Balloon Deck



Average Elixir Cost: 3.0

Play This Deck

Remember, the deck up above is still optional. As long as the job description or the character of the cards are still similar, you can change it, though.

If you find that the other cards you have and you are confident more with the particular card, you might as well use it, instead.

Anyway, having a point in mind, let’s just discuss the one in front of your face right now. Let’s hit it!




ice-spirit-card-clash-royale-kingdomfire spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdomzap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomice-golem-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Ice Spirit is the one you have to include in this deck. Aside from the benefit of cycling card. It costs only one elixir. Most noteworthy, this walking ice can freeze the enemy for a while, making them vulnerable. This is just currently meta, you know.

Fire Spirits can deliver three splash damages. These hot balls are just the ones we need in supporting the attacking army. Minion horde? Skeleton Army? Goblin Gang? You name it. With these sons of fire are in your deck, you will always have the elixir advantage.

Zap is just the one efficient spell in this deck. Zap can give any Inferno Dragon/ Inferno Tower users such a hard time. You have to utilize the ability of the card in resetting and restarting the inferno’s gradual damage.

Ice Golem is the cheapest kiter around. Yes, you have to use this card to kite any incoming attack from your enemy. Ice Golem can make any high damage dealer end up chasing this walking ice instead of hitting your tower.


Primary cards


fireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom musketeer-card-clash-royale-kingdom balloon-card-clash-royale-kingdom Lumberjack-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Fireball is the end-game card. The Fireball can deal an average-damage. Also, since the Fireball is the only damaging spell you have on this deck, you might want to rely on your patience in deploying this card. When you see some massive or critical tower, then you can deal it using the card.

Musketeer is the only ranger on your deck. She is the primary damage dealer on this deck. She can take out any cards in the game. All we need to do is just to protect her. Always put at the very back of the line in your attacking style. She is essential in both attacking and defending.

The Balloon is the primary card here. You have to always consider this card as the primary destroyer. The Balloon can destroy any building. The balloon can deliver a massive damage. This building-targeting card is just the most efficient card to use in destroying the enemy’s base.

Lumberjack! This rage spell spiller is the main supporting card for your attacking strategy. Most noteworthy, we all want this card to die first, so the Rage spell will make the rest attacking force go insanely crazy in ruining the enemy’s base.




First Minute

At the beginning of the game, you can start giving the enemy a little attempt using the Lumberjack and the Ice Spirit or Fire Spirits.

Once, you deploy the Lumberjack, and the enemy will fight back. It will be a beautiful baiting style for the enemy to launch any troops they possess in their deck.

You can then, preparing a defensive strategy to counter their attack. Since this primary deck purpose is counter-attacking.

Once, you can overcome the enemy’s attack, in the early game, you can use several cards to push the lane, for instance, the Lumberjack with the Balloon and Fire Spirits.

From 2 minute

In mid game, you can now start being annoying, push the lane with three cards, pick any of them by all means.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that if the enemy has the Elixir advantage, you might want to hold on your play like in the early game.

The Lumberjack’s Raged Balloon if you have a clear chance

Late game

Your time has come. This is the time where you can deliver your all-out attack. You can deploy all the eight cards in the deck at this double Elixir moment.

That’s the reason why a cycling deck is currently meta. All eight cards in cycling deck will counter any troops in the game. Don’t forget to use the Fireball as the end-game spell card.

End it with the Fireball

Well, that’s it for me guys. If you something to add, suggestions, questions perhaps, feel free to fill in the comment column down below. Verdaccio, peace out!