It’s the time to make an offer enemy can’t refuse. Inferno Graveyard will force the enemy to choose which one. Graveyard disable the interrupter. 

Holla Monday people! Come back again with me JohnnyBoy with a new strategy guide. Let’s start our Monday with positive feelings and new perspective. Today is the day when we will start and open up the new beginning. Very well folks, in today’s article, we are gonna talk about the unbeatable deck ever made I would say. We will play a deck consisting of mighty inferno dragon, deadly spell poison, and a graveyard.

Alright, this strategy is not only successful in 1v1 battle but 2v2 battle too. But let’s talk about how to play it in 1v1 battle.

We will focus on succeeding one of either inferno dragon or graveyard poison. As you know that once inferno connect to the tower, nothing can stop its burst damage but a zap spell. However, if the opponent decides to handle the inferno first, our graveyard will go brutal and drastically reduce tower HP. Moreover, we have poison on the graveyard as well, so whatever enemy troops are, they’re in a wrong spot. Before we discuss further, let’s see the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.5

Play This Deck

As I told you earlier that we will focus on inferno and graveyard. However, it doesn’t mean that we will set the inferno as enemy’s target to free the graveyard. We have knight as a damage receiver whenever we go countering with inferno graveyard. Besides knight, we have bomber to handle the swarmy cards like skeleton army, goblin gang, goblins, etc. We set everything properly for the sake of inferno first. Let’s go talking the counter strategy.


How to counter?

Alright everyone, we will counter recklessly whenever we have inferno knight graveyard on the list. Let’s say that we have three cards ready on the list.

The first thing we should deploy is the knight. Here, we play a bit defensive first by letting the opponent deploys their counter cards. Defend the lane by deploying archers and bomber to hold the enemy’s counter. If possible, we don’t deploy the inferno dragon so early. We should be able to manage the inferno HP so it can survive and connect to the enemy’s tower. Once the enemy’s troops are getting clearer, send the inferno to the field. This is our time to counter with inferno and graveyard poison.

Oh, before you go with the inferno, you should at least have the knight alive. If the knight dies already, sending minions to accompany inferno is a good option too. Minions can help the inferno out of distraction. Meaning, if the opponent sends swarmy, we have minions to clear the path. Nah, if the inferno still has high HP after went through enemy’s distraction, deploy graveyard. Here, you should see, if the inferno has below half HP, you deploy graveyard before the inferno.

This aims to set the graveyard as tower’s target and free the inferno dragon. And if the inferno still has full HP or above half HP, let the inferno be the tower target. This aims to free the graveyard from enemy’s target. FYI guys, if the graveyard is not handled well, the skeletons will pile up. Once they pile up, hundreds of skeletons will brutally stab the tower till there’s nothing left.

After you deploy graveyard on enemy’s tower, deploy the poison right above graveyard. Or if the enemy deploys any troops to counter graveyard, we put poison on graveyard but in range with that troops also tower.


poison to burn everything. Nothing enemy can do

By doing this, we can reduce the troops’ HP and tower too. Although the poison might not fully reduce its HP, but they are no longer great danger for us. Sometimes, once I have graveyard on enemy’s tower, I prepare the arrows too. I would do this if the enemy counters with minion horde.

So, the poison will still burn the area while arrows kill the horde. Minion horde is dangerous guys. This card will prevent the piling up process of the skeletons. That will fail the graveyard action. That’s basically the way we counter with inferno graveyard poison. Now let’s talk about the defense strategy.


nothing can stop this inferno first then graveyard

How to defend?

The basic defense strategy is to play with the knight as enemy’s target, and deploy supports to handle. Therefore, if you see any incoming troops, deploy the knight on the centre. We deploy the knight once the enemy enters our territory. Those troops will be distracted on knight and this is the time to deploy archers.

Either archers or bomber. In most cases, I will deploy bomber instead of archers if the enemy send witch, goblin gang, barbarians, goblins. Although tiny, its bomb damage will harm those troops so badly. Go with the archers if the enemy sends troops like baby dragon, inferno dragon, wizard, building targeting card, and tankers.

Archers are good to handle those troops by shooting from a distance. We can also send the inferno to handle tankers especially giant skeleton, PEKKA, sparky, golem, lava, and inferno cards. Don’t just deploy archers or minions, bomber to handle these counters. It because we need them to die before they’re getting closer to our tower. Especially giant skeleton and PEKKA. To handle those, we can kite them by the knight first.

Right after we deploy the knight, send the inferno dragon to kill those. Here, the enemy will probably send supports to kill the inferno. Whatever the troops are, send the archers (for ground and air), bomber (for ground unit only), once the supports target our inferno.

Here we utilize tiny troops like archers and bomber to defend. This is how you play the defense with archers and bomber. Set them to kill enemy’s support cards once the supports connect to our damage receiver.


bomber after the knight (damage receiver)

You can actually replace the bomber with goblins. They are the same, I just like how the bomber performs especially in handling witch and elite barbarians. Nah, if the enemy play bridge deployment with ebarb, lumberjack, bandit, mega knight, we distract with the knight. After we distract, we deploy bomber about three tiles beside princess tower. Just make sure that bomber is not too close with the knight. Right after bomber, we deploy the inferno dragon.

Another strategy defense is to play defensive graveyard. Although this is our primary counter cards, we can still utilize its skeleton to hold the enemy troops, especially prince cards. If we seem can’t handle the defense or need extra defense, deploy graveyard in front of the tower. Nah, that’s general defense strategy we can play with this deck.


distract with the knight, then inferno


Alright folks, it seems like this deck strategy requires you just simple method. We counter with graveyard once the inferno enters the enemy’ territory. Either inferno or graveyard be tower target that would be OK. Each of them will tank another to be dealer. We give the enemy’s offer they can’t refuse. They should choose on which one to handle first. And at the same time, one of them will connect to the tower and ready to destroy it. With poison presence, we increase the chance of succeed.

I hope you enjoy this article and if you have any question or suggestion please feel free to leave your brilliant ideas down below.

Have fun!