Happy Monday my beloved readers and clash royale enthusiasts! Here we meet again in another useful article. Hope your Monday be short and coffee be strong yes. Today’s article will discuss about the use of Lumberjack Balloon, which is one of famous combo with relatively strong combo of electro wizard and princess.

I got the idea of writing this deck and strategy because there was an enemy played with this deck and I was completely do nothing. My deck was totally losing if the enemy can play the electro wizard correctly. Another aspect that makes this deck is so strong is because the lumberjack followed by the balloon. Really guys, this lumber-loon strategy is aftershock counter which I couldn’t handle. Before we discuss further, let’s see what we have in the deck.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.8

Play This Deck

As you can see that we will have a hog rider too. So, we have 2 major cards that we will set as primary counter cards. Nah, the whole point of this countering strategy is to cover the balloon with electro and princess. Lumberjack will open attack alone just to give rage effect for the balloon.

How to defend?

Alright, whenever you go countering, lumberjack balloon is a nice open attack that we can do. Giving the enemy an early shock can be good. After this attempt, we wait and defense from the enemy.

Whenever we play defensive, make sure that we have princess and electro wizard ready. These 2 cards are our primary defensive card. I have a useful trick to play the princess. Deploy princess on the opposite lane of where you defending. So, the princess will shoot its fire arrows on safe spot.

In addition, we also play electro wizard. Deploy electro wizard on where the enemy heads to. The ewiz with princess support will pretty much protecting the lane.

Besides, we also have goblin gang that can distract the enemy. Combining ewiz princess with the gang can give you an extra defense. Just deploy the gang on the middle of your lane. Once the enemy distracted to the gang, deploy ewiz. Oh, but before you deploy gang on the middle, deploy princess first on the opposite lane. Make sure that you deploy princess not to far from the tower.


gang on the middle

Princess will keep shooting on enemy’s incoming troops. Ewiz will stun them little by little, and the gang will smash them all. If the enemy just run simple counter with wizards for instance, we can just deploy witch.


opposite lane, safe spot. For defense only

How to counter?

Alright, let’s talk about the countering. As I said earlier that we can open attack with lumberjack and then balloon. To run this, we should deploy the lumberjack on the bridge, not anywhere else.


2 balloon (look at the time)


1 lumberjack










Before you deploy the lumberjack, deploy princess first to cover the lumberjack. Or simply just play the defense first with witch and the gang. Then, deploy lumber on the bridge after you finish defending, and you should have princess on the defense.


defend with witch and gang

So, the princess will always guard the lumberjack and balloon on next launching. After the lumberjack, deploy balloon on the bridge while the rage effect still occurs. The balloon will quickly fly and drop the first bomb.


try to always have princess first before balloon or hog


add more princess if you want to make sure the 3 crowns









Another thing we can do to counter attack is to go with the hog rider. Still as same like previous method. Play defensive first with the gang, witch, princess, and electro. Right after you finish defending, deploy the hog rider on the bridge. This time, you’ll be okay to go with just hog rider even without the lumberjack.


countering with witch and hog. Harm little by little

The counter strategy is to harm the tower little by little. So, this is what we wanna do. Keep in mind that we should always have the princess on both countering and defending. While defending, always start with the electro wizard.


Alright folks, playing with this deck requires you to play in instant. Meaning, we will never have massive counter. We harm the enemy little by little; slow but sure. Use the lumberjack to defend might be good option too if you face a massive counter. We can utilize its rage effect to boost our defensive troops.

Well, what do you think about this strategy? Please correct me if I’m missing something. Hope you enjoy this article please leave a comment. And feel free to suggest me deck review if you want.

Wish your day be good and light.

See you on the battlefield!