Hi, clash royale enthusiast! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. Today, let’s talk about the powerful combination using hog rider and lightning spell as the primary countering cards.

In our previous article, we’ve been discussed about the combo of hog x freeze and how they can be a deadly combination. Here, the lightning spell functions as the destroyer of the troops which try to block the hog.

If you have the lightning spell you better focus on upgrading it. So, when you want to try this deck, your lightning spell can be a real breakneck. They can be a great combo if we put them together in the deck combination as I mention below.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.5

Play This Deck

The first thing you should definitely bring is the hog. In this combo, you cannot replace hog with any troops because we want to utilize his speed movement and of course building target. You might think why you should not replace hog with other cards. Another reason with the hog is because he is very efficient and cheaper than any other building target card; it only costs 4 elixirs. And he is insanely fast, so all you need to do is to cover the hog rider by building the solid backup for it.

The next is lightning. Once you have lightning spell, don’t bring any other spell cards because one lightning spell is enough to put high damage on the enemy. Also, lightning costs you 6 elixir, so just pick the lightning spell and save your elixir. The Lightning spell can be vital if we use it to destroy the enemy’s tower by giving it the last hit.

However, the use of hog and lightning together is not setting the lightning spell to give the last hit. We use it to put on the enemy’s area where your hog coming and so the lightning could destroy the enemy’s troops around the tower. When the enemy launches their troops near the tower, you put lightning on them and still in a range with the tower, so, the lightning will put damage on the tower as well.


lightning on the 2 towers

We enclose tornado to make a good defense of the enemy’s attack. But most of the times, I use the tornado to gather the enemy’s troops which launched to block the hog. Put the tornado at the centre. So, the troops will be dragged into the middle and reduce the HP too. The hog will reach and hit the enemy’s tower while the tornado dragged them away.

There is one more thing you could do to complete the tornado; lightning. We can combine the tornado and lightning to execute heave troops and swarmy.


anti-tanker strategy; lightning + tornado

The spells power

Always look at the advantages of using tornado and lightning, I mean you don’t really have to launch 2 spell cards at once just to protect the hog. Look at the situation, if you think you can destroy the troops by lightning than launch it.

On the other hand, if you think the troops are too many, you can just drag them away from the hog and let the hog does his job. Hog has a swift movement, so it will be able to reduce the tower’s HP while the enemy’s troops are dragged for a while. Tornado works the same way if we use it for defense. It will drag the opponent away for a moment, and so our towers can hit them.

Meanwhile, whenever we play defensive tornado, I have a useful tip for you. Try to deploy the lightning on the centre and around the crown tower. That will probably make the enemy to hit the crown tower and accidentally activate it.


The next card is the log. We can use the log to get rid of the enemy’s troops, and the log can diminish all of the crowd only by one scroll. Before launching the log, you better see the situation, if there are only a few troops, don’t launch the log yet.

You better see the enemy’s move first, and once they launch the troops with lots number such as skeletons army, you can launch the log on them. Make sure you hit all of them and can hit the enemy’s tower too; if log hit the enemy’s tower, it will give some damage on the tower too. Just knowing the right position where to launch it so his scrolling length can hit the enemy’s tower.


One important thing that most players use is to combine the log and hog. This kind of playing is called prediction. As we all know that hog rider is so vulnerable against swarmy. Nah, to prevent that we can deploy the rider first (can be on the bridge or in front princess tower). Before the hog connect to the tower, more or less 2 tiles before the tower; launch the log. playing the log like this bring 2 benefits for us. It can quickly the swarmy and it reduces tower HP too. 

The knight functions as a tank. In hog deck, we don’t need high-end troops for a tank. Because the main focus here is to provide the hog best support so it can reach the enemy’s tower. Knight can also be a protector from enemy’s attack.

Area damage dealers

Bowler functions to push away the enemy’s troops by rolling the big stone. One stone can break the crowds and give some damage too. If you have your hog and bowler at the card list, you can launch the bowler first, to clear up lane, and then you can deploy hog.

The bowler can also be a solid protector. Once you put bowler in front your tower, the enemy won’t get too close because your bowler will push them away and give more distance from our towers. Bowler is the primary tank here because he has high HP and possesses the ability that we need to provide the best protection for the hog.


bowler to cover, area dealer behind the primary damage dealers

We can use baby dragon either for protection or striker. I recommend baby dragon because it deals with area damage and has high HP. So, we can use it as to tank the tower from the enemy’s attack. Keep in mind; you launch the baby dragon after the enemy gets into the tower’s range; in your area. So, the dragon won’t be one by one but get help by our towers.

In case you don’t think that baby dragon is not so good, you can replace it with inferno dragon. Inferno is a good option because you already have bowler as area damage dealer. Having inferno dragon enables us to have one crazy damage dealer. So, in case your hog can’t finish to the tower, you still have inferno as a potential striker. 


1 damage dealer + 1 area dealer

I recommend skeletons since it only costs one elixir. It’s good for card rotation and also good to kite the enemy while we defend. If we master the skeletons use, they will be very dangerous.

There you have it guys, the deck. And how about the battle plan? It’s actually pretty simple. Just make sure to get your hog reaching the enemy’s tower by protecting it using the troops I mention above. So many players use this strategy to push trophies, and you should try it too if you haven’t.

All the troops above can be good supports for hog while we can be analytical and smart. This combo will be very dangerous for the enemy if we know how to diminish the enemy’s troops using the right cards. 

Don’t waste too many cards for protection if you see your hog is less HP, but you should protect him as hard as you can when your hog still has enough HP and potentially capable of destroying the tower.


Alright, what do you think about the combination above? Do you have any specific battle plan? Or if you have any request about cards review, battle plan, deck, or anything, please feel free to leave comment below. Enjoy your day and cheers!