Hi! What’s up my friends? I hope you’re still excited in following my articles. As it’s a sunny day, so let’s we cheer up for a while and play.

I’m JohnnyBoy here bringing you a new inspiring and unique review of a deck where we are gonna combine four popular decks in one.

I thought this deck can’t 100% work but apparently it totally works!

I get victory in most of battles; not all three crowns but that’s still good, right?

What’s the 4 pairs?

I’ve tried to figure out what combo decks should I combine. Evidently, I came out with a brilliant idea.

In this deck, we will have the best combo of miner poison deck, three musketeers, x-bow, and goblin log.

And how do I manage the deck and the way to play it?

Well, first of all I would say that this deck is unusual and there are so many damage dealers in this deck.

But, you better hold that judgement because here I will share to you all this brilliant idea.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 4.5


Play This Deck

Miner and Poison

The first in our list we have the combo from miner deck.

I pick two key cards; miner and poison.

These are the main cards from the miner deck because only these cards that we use to cause damage on the enemy tower.

We can do this combo even without any supports behind.

Solo miner and a poison can pretty much harm the tower.

So, yeah. . . imagine how powerful they are with supports.

There is a specific reason why I specifically choose the key cards from miner deck; I need the poison.

The poison can work and support the rest of the cards in this deck pretty well.

And for the miner, I want to create a backup tanker to support the damage dealer once the main tanker dies.

So, we will send our miner to replace the tanker right before tanker dies.

Three musketeers and elixir collector

Next, we have the most expensive combo from three muskets deck.

I specifically pick this combo because three muskets are the greatest damage dealer in the game.

The total elixir worth its quality I believe.

We can send solo three muskets when we have an elixir collector standing on the lane.

In most cases, I use three muskets for defense because they can live longer as they have reliable HP.

Most noteworthy, they can kill the strong tanker like lava hound, golem, giant, etc.

So, we better send three muskets since we defend.

Then, if survive, they will continue to go forward and shoot on the tower.

For the collector I think that’s a clear yes.

We play the most expensive cards in the game, so we better bring the collector to fasten the elixir recharge.

If we don’t have the collector, then we won’t be able to send the three muskets.

goblin barrel can be a good substitution for miner, (barrel – poison)

get more and more combo attack!

X-bow and Knight

Here, we have a tanker and a siege building.

I guess this is the primary cards on this deck.

We better focus our mind on the X-bow so later, the kind of game we play is to protect the x-bow.

So far, we have unusual matchups, right?

I know, but you should continue reading this article till you see how the strategy plan.

We can use x-bow for defense; put it on the middle if you play it defensively.

And the primary function of x-bow is to recklessly hit the opponent’s tower.

We have x-bow already, so we better bring one damage receiver; knight.

In the x-bow deck, we often see the countering using a knight as a protector and then followed by other supports.

That what we will do in this deck. We will build the x-bow and set the best protection for it.

Goblin gang and the log

The reason why I pick up the goblin gang because we have x-bow.

Goblin gang will protect the x-bow perfectly because their fast speed movement and they are many.

We can set the goblin gang primarily for defense.

Because this card is the one swarm army card and we will need it to counter back the enemy.

By having six goblins, they will harm the enemy so bad.

Another defensive card is the log.

I choose the log because to counter the swarm army which is the common card to counter x-bow.

Unfortunately, x-bow only deals with ground units.

But that’s okay, there are no worse enemy than skeleton army on the ground huh?

Skeleton army can be so bad for our x-bow guys.

Therefore, we need one card to kill all those skeletons.

That’s where we place the x-bow. Look at the ground tiles

split musketeers like this for defense

That’s the pair cards as well as the key cards of four popular deck. And how’s the strategy plan? Alright let’s jump to the plan

Strategy Plan

– In the first move try to build the collector. It eases you to run everything as you have faster elixir recharge.

– In this deck, the primary protector for the x-bow is three musketeers. But having them together in one lane will be so hard because they are so expensive.

– Better run the x-bow three musketeers in the late game; 2x elixir

– Once you have the collector, build the x-bow

– Now, protect the x-bow by sending the knight first

– Immediately send the goblin gang after the knight to give extra protection.

– After the goblin gang, prepare the log.

– As I said, the log is so helpful for protection

– Launch the log as you find the enemy sends their swarm army.

– And if they send air unit, you can poison them and the spear goblins can counter back.

Defensive poison

Defensive x-bow if necessary 

– We are lack of air defense, so poison is the number one defensive card.

– Once your x-bow is gone, you can play miner poison

– Before we run miner poison, send the three muskets first.

– After three musketeers, send the knight to tank them

– Nah, now you be ready for miner poison.

– Once the knight gets to the enemy lane, send miner.

– Your knight probably gets busy with enemy counter.

– Meanwhile, the miner will unstoppably hit the tower.

– Put poison on the tower territory. But better you place it in range with the troops.

– Here, the three survived three muskets will cause serious trouble to the tower.

In 2x elixir

We can do much combination in 2x elixir. But here are the necessary things to do

– Pump the elixir

– Send three muskets

– After the elixir is enough, deploy the x-bow

– You won’t wait too long, launch the knight as a damage receiver.

– Now you’ll face a great fight here

– If we can win the fight on the mid lane, we will go attacking with miner poison.

– Hopefully, there is still at least one musketeer survive and be a solo MVP.

– In 2x elixir you have to attack more; play aggressively.

A tip from pro

Don’t hesitate to launch any cards for defense.

To give extra tanker we can play defensive miner; send the miner to the middle.

Afterwards, send the goblin gang to counter back.

It can be goblin gang or the log and poison.

Nah, don’t forget that we have good spell cards for defense here.

Send the spell if miner and goblin gang aren’t enough.

Play defensive x-bow could be a good option too.

You just need to place it on the middle of your lane.

X-bow can bring the enemy to the middle lane and so our tower will fight them.

So far, you get the big picture of how crazy it is that we have four pair cards from four popular decks.

After you play with this deck let me know how do you think about it. Play aggressively okay?

Don’t forget to leave your bright ideas and inspire me with good suggestions.

If you want me to review anything please leave your request in the comment section below.

JohhnyBoy loves you all, see you again soon!