Log, guys! I mean.. It’s verdaccio here. What’s up, today I’m going to discuss one of the most used legendary cards. It’s the Log. For me personally, I think the Log is the most important card which it always has to be included in every deck with all kind of type. First of all, spoiler alert, this article will talk about how important the Log is with the reasons what makes it a powerful card, a rolling wood. Without any further ado, let’s go.




You can unlock the card from arena 6, The Builder’s Workshop’ and, if you get a legendary chest, you might get it from it. It is considered to be a spell card. The Log deals an area damage, and it has no circle radar like any other spell. But, it has a wide radius and average damage. The cost is 2 Elixirs to cast the Log. Also, once it casts, the Log will roll through the range you’ve placed. In addition, It not only deals damage but also knocks back any ground troops in its rolling way. It’s fade out when it has reached 11.1 tiles.



Well, the Log is rather a cheap spell, most noteworthy, you can use it to deliver some damage to any ground troops and push back some of them and prevent them from going forth to your base. As a result, the knockback is really useful against any many/numbered troops such as the Barbarians, Goblins, Skeletons, etc. It’s like the Fireball when it hits troops and pushes them back. 

In counter, I’m sure this is the most efficient spell combo in the game. Hence, we can use the Log to get an Elixir advantage in every battle. We can use the Log to wipe the Goblins from the Goblin Barrel, and it can kill the Princess instantly, wipe the Skeleton Army, and so on and on and on… For one Elixir advantage. Maybe, only one Elixir though, but it can give you the game.

Yet, seems like, some advanced players prefer to bring the Arrows since the Log can’t deal with air troops such as the Bats, Minions or Minion Horde. However, what if the enemy doesn’t use any air troops cards? That’s the downside of bringing the Arrows since it costs more by one elixir. So, in my opinion, you have to have some ranged troops in your deck to deal with air typed. Or you may as well bring another spell cards as an alternative since the Log is just the most reliable spell to deal with any ground cards. Keep in mind that when it knocks back any land troops, it’ll reset their target because of their radar-target is going to be different once it gets pushed back. Works like a Zap, that’s right, yup, you can bring the Zap, though as the other alternative spell to deal with those flies.

Talking about the Zap, it restarts the target of the affected troops. Before we speak of the resetting target, how about stopping a charger. The cards such as, the Prince and the Dark Prince can deal a charging damage which is an above-average damage. Well, both of the spells can stop the charge. While the Zap only stops the charge, the Log can knock the back, but the damage is not so different, though. However, I have a better use of Zap when it comes to deal with Sparky, and the Log can only push it back while a Zap will reset the Sparky’s charging.



I have some unusual situation which in using this legendary card can be an amazing way of play.

Giant Skeleton


I’ve found the enemy’s Giant Skeleton has arrived at my tower’s face, when I cast the wood spell just before it dies I manage to push it back and make the dropped bomb deals no harm to the tower.




Here the rolling wood can destroy the Tombstones with its spawns’ skeletons. When it reaches about 50% of its health, the Log can wipe the Tombstones with the four skeletons, instantly. It also applies to any building cards in the game including the tower and the crown tower, and the Log can deal damage to them.


Fire Spirits


It’s a combination of a card. When you use the rolling wood together with the Fire Spirits you can wipe the Three Musketeers out of existence, how about that guy! 4 for 9 Elixirs!


Hog Rider


Well, this one is for me, though. I deploy my Hog close to the river. And! When the Hog jumps, my enemy launch the Log, the Hog manage to jump over the Log. Hahha…


Fun Fact (All I know.. though)

The Log can only be used in your area, you can’t deploy the Log spell like any other spell in the enemy’s area, and It’s fallen from the sky.

That is all guys! I mean.. That’s all I have if you have some other thing to add, please feel free to fill the comment column down below. All right, thanks, guys! Verdaccio peace out!