Good morning clashers! I’m JohnnyBoy and right now, I’m so much ready to give you another shocking article. I’m sure this one would help you for trophy push. So, for you who look for strong deck to climb trophy, this is what you’ve been looking for. Today, we are gonna be discussing another LavaLoon deck trophy push along easy gameplay guide, cheap cards combo, and this suits perfectly to boost your trophy. 


We will combine the popular LavaLoon with Clone and Poison spell. There are certain strategies to win the battle in easy way. But before we talk the strategy in depth, let me show you the deck matchups first.

LavaLoon Deck


Average elixir cost : 3.8


balloon-card-clash-royale-kingdomclone card

It is obvious that we will combine Balloon with Clone. Double up the bomb after death to add significant damage on the tower. Use Clone when your Balloon is close to die. So, the cloned Balloon will die and drop the last bomb on the tower.


Besides Clone, we will have Poison to support the countering. Deploy Poison when you have Lava Hound on countering. It can diminish every hybrid troops such as Bats, Minion Horde, or Minions that interrupt Lava Hound.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomMega-Minion-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

We have multi-function troops as well. Mega Minion, Minions, and Skeleton army play double roles in this deck. Use them primarily for defense. For Mega Minion and Minions, we can set them as counter supports.

Next, we have Skeleton Army as our defender. I mostly don’t use Skeleton Army in countering because we have air units already. If you want to support counter with Army, I still recommend you to do that. However, prioritize the Army for defense because you’ll need it to defend against ground counter.

Since we lack of ground defense, I pick Zap to stun or diminish swarmy attack. Use Zap to reset Inferno that might be a big problem for Lava Hound.

What to do in early battle?

In most battles, I play Lava Balloon combo in 2x elixir only. I always separate Balloon and Lava in early battle. Combining Minions, Clone, and Balloon is one of counter tactics that I use. I recommend you to do the same, combine Balloon and Minions in early game as no.1 counter strategy.


Wait till elixir full, then go with it on the bridge


Or else, we can go with Lava Mega Minion. If necessary, you can combine them with Poison. This counter with Lava Mega Minion can be an alternative counter in early battle.

It’s kind of like we play bridge spam counter with Balloon Minions. I often do that while I’m not defending. And I seriously recommend you to do the same. You can just deploy Balloon and Minions on the bridge. No matter what, you put Clone on both spam to multiply damage.

Balloon would be shut by the enemy, but we can harm the tower still and even add more damage from Clone. If you have higher level Balloon, it would live longer and the enemy would be so overwhelmed because this is shocking and hard to shut.

What to do in late game?

When you enter 2x elixir time, you can play the Lava Mega Minion combo. Support the counter with Poison to burn every defender. To run this counter, you better start with Balloon bridge spam like you do in early battle.

Then, you defend with Mega Minion. Try to make Mega Minion survive from defending so we can use it for counter attack. Nah, if Mega Minion survives and still has above half HP, deploy Lava in front of it as damage receiver.

Lava and survived Mega Minion with Poison

Another counter strategy is to play LavaLoon in countering. To run this counter, you should deploy Lava first at the corner of your lane. This indicates that you’ll have massive counter. Once Lava enter enemy’s territory, deploy Balloon behind Lava Hound.

Support the countering with Poison first instead of Clone. We need to diminish all hybrid defenders so the Balloon will have bigger chance to make it to the tower.

Then, once Balloon reaches the tower, you clone it. Don’t deploy Clone too late because you couldn’t multiply the bomb after death effect. In fact, our main purpose of this counter is to multiply the damage of Balloon.

Cycling Balloon

In 2x elixir, if you spend 5 elixir to run bridge spam counter, you wouldn’t feel any big pain. In fact, it helps you finishing the tower in quick. Cycling Poison is also recommended if the tower remains low HP.


Cycling balloon on the bridge as a spam without support


Combine the cycling Balloon with Clone spell just like you do in early game. Or else, you can just send the Balloon only without any supports. This is bridge spam anyway, we don’t have to build extra counter combo troops.

Card Replacement


Substitute Zap with Bats


My view towards this deck and counter is unique to be honest. We play LavaLoon deck but more often separate them in countering. The good news is we will have 2 counter alternatives; Balloon Clone, Lava Poison. Don’t need to always combine them in countering as one and only counter combo, that’s too expensive.

Now, we have another view of playing LavaLoon. It doesn’t mean we only have Lava as a tanker, followed by supports, and build up counter from behind the tower. This is simpler, you should really try this deck and strategies. Be brave and don’t hesitate to counter because you have LavaLoon deck.

What do you think about this counter strategy and simpler tactics? I hope you enjoy this article and get more victories with it.

Good luck!