It is another excellent matchups for night witch deck Clash Royale. Let’s combine lava hound in this best night witch deck along with the best strategy to get 3 crowns. This is it, extreme lava hound night witch deck! 


Hello there, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy with the new strong combination of night witch deck. We will set lava hound as the tanker, and sure we will have beatdown counter with night witch.

Extreme lava hound night witch deck

Average Elixir Cost : 4.1

Lava-Hound- building targeting Card Clash Royale-Kingdomnight witch card-clash-royale-kingdom

We have lava and night witch as our primary counter cards. When you have lava hound and night witch on the list, you can launch lava at the corner behind your tower. 

Wait until the lava hound reaches the bridge. Launch night witch immediately so she can support lava hound from behind. 

Otherwise, you can start countering from defense. Here, we don’t have to push ourselves to having lava hound in ever counter. The point is to have night witch in defense and then go on counter push with other cards. 


We have wizard and inferno dragon which we can use for defense. The enemy will have their tank, so we enclose inferno dragon to burn the tanker. And wizard can kill the supports behind tanker.

By having wizard and inferno dragon, you’ll have efficient elixir spending which hopefully can enable you to have night witch for defense. 

If your elixir spending goes efficiently and reach above 7, deploy lava hound on the bridge to lead the survived defenders in counter push. 

Mega-Minion-Clash-Royale-KingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Besides their function as support cards, mega minion and minions also function to defend our tower from whatever incoming troops. 

Combine one of these two with inferno dragon or witch in order to get strong defense. They are cheap cards guys, and I highly recommend you to pick these two because you’ll have great counter push after defending. 


Next in our list we two spell cards which we should enclose if we want to play with this deck. These two spells would be so important in supporting your counter attack. 

When you already have lava hound with survived defenders, prepare poison or arrows to get the tower damage as well as causing damage on enemy’s defender. 

Remember, when you have inferno dragon in counter push with lava hound and night witch, you really need to have enough elixir for spells which protect them from swarmy. 

Attacking and defending

Night witch in this deck actually has the same function as the balloon in the lava-loon deck. We just replace balloon with another strong card which can spawn bats. For the start-up, you can send night witch from behind your tower.

start move, Night witch behind the tower

When you have sent night witch, you’ll have to choose; you wanna make a hard push with lava at first or you don’t wanna overcommit by just sending the mega minion at the first attempt.

Push with lava = Unbeatable


When you decide to push hard with lava, use night witch, mega minion, minion, and spells to support. Send the inferno dragon and wizard to support your night witch and make an extreme counter push. 


Playing this deck requires you to have strong and efficient defense by not spending unnecessary card to defend. All of this is important because if you play lava beatdown, you need extra elixir for the night witch, and the spells. If you don’t have sufficient elixir for that, your countering will be easily shut down. 

Alright, I’ll see you soon in another useful article! Good luck