Hi clasher! Come back again with us. Today, we’re gonna review the best air troops on the face of the earth. In the other article, you’ll find the best deck for air troops.

Here, we go again with the most popular air deck “Lava-loon”.

Our Main Focus

The main focus here is having the lava hound and balloon as the primary strikers.

Both lava and balloons deal with building target which is another big advantageous.

The simple strategy is to bring your balloon to the enemy’s tower while lava hound is protecting it in front-line.

Once you can bring them both to the enemy’s tower with your balloon is out of enemy’s target, you’ll 100% destroy the tower and get your first crown there.

However, this isn’t that simple as it sounds;

You should build up your custom strategy using re-target the enemy, kite, and what so ever.

Alright, let’s check the deck combination. 

Deck Matchups

Average Elixir Cost : 3.5


Lava hound

This hot hound targets the building only,

It flies, it has low damage, and has a short-ranged but, very high HP

After it dies, it bursts into 6 lava pups which are spreading out and have no preferred target.

Deal the same damage as the lava. Yet, so much lower health points.

It’s similar with the golem that needs to deploy at the back of your crown tower, only the cost is 7 while golem costs 8.

However, in effectiveness, this card is more effective since the cost is lower by 1

It can only be targeted by ranger.

If the enemy ignores your lava-loon it’s most likely you have already win the match.

Always tries to deploy him first before balloon.


A skeleton aviator is the one who can make your enemy base as Hiroshima all over again.

The damage it deals is just incredibly high.

Whenever your enemy sees your balloon, they tend to kill it first.

Here’s your main job, you have to make sure your lava is the one who takes all the damage from your enemy troops.

Let’s just say the husband is lava, and the wife is the balloon. Who wants their wife touched by others?

See how they collaboratively counter together

Wizard or Baby dragon (optional)

The cards are so helpful to go against swarm armies such as the goblins, the minions, the skeletons and the bats.

Sometimes your enemy will try to get rid of your husband and wife with their rats.

You might want to consider using a card that can deliver an average splash damage like the wizard or baby dragon.

This guy range is not so short like the baby dragon, though.

He has medium-ranged with moderate health points and damage.

It’s just worth it to deploy in supporting the lava-loon deck.

you need at least one damage dealer to complete the tornado action

Support Cards

Dart goblin

Next, we have dart goblin. Dart goblin will be easily handle the inferno tower since it has fast hit and ability to hit from distance.

I recommend you to pick dart gobs because for most times the enemy will pick inferno tower in the deck.

With inferno standing, our attacking will be so hard and our lava and balloons will die before they can reach the enemy’s tower.

Having the dart goblin will be so beneficial if you face against inferno tower

Fire Spirit and Skeletons

The last but not least is the fire spirit.

This is actually optional but I recommend you this because it deals with area, ground and air, it’s cheap, and sure it can handle the enemy’s number troops pretty easy.

The most common troops that counter lava loon is minion or minion horde,

By having fire spirit in your deck, it will blow all the minions and let your balloon passes through.  

Lastly, we have skeletons which won’t bring serious trouble for the enemy.

It meant to distract the enemy’s troop in case they have P.E.K.K.A, prince, dark prince, or any other single target cards.

It won’t work if we play it for countering.

The other invisible advantages the skeletons is it will make your card rotation to be more faster

Whenever you need specific card (like tornado for example) you can just waste your skeletons to get the tornado on the next list. 

Spell Cards (Optional)


Tornado meant to pull away from the enemy, gather them, and to reduce their HP.

I used to play tornado to defend. You don’t need the tornado to support the attack.

But, still, it depends on what situation you are in.

If you’re attacking need more support, you can launch tornado

Waste your elixir by using tornado for attacking because when lava and balloon get into the enemy lane with full HP or let’s say half of blood, they will destroy the tower.

In defending, the tornado is vital because it can pull away from the enemy and gather them far from our tower.

Meanwhile, you can deploy other troops to complete the tornado and deal some damage on them.

In most cases, the tornado is very efficient in countering the hog deck.

It will pull the hog away from our tower and it gives more time for our tower to hit the hog till the hog doesn’t have enough HP to hit the tower for times. 


This spell card functions to retarget the enemy.

When your balloon and lava fly side by side and the enemy’s troops hit the balloons, not the lava which is not what we want, you can zap the enemy.

They will retarget from shooting the balloon to the lava.

So, the balloon will be out of enemy’s target and be able to pass through to drop the massive bomb on enemy’s tower over times.

Zap can also function to restart the enemy’s card which has charge ability such as inferno tower, which is a common card used in the advance battle.

Charge ability means hitting with increasing damage point.

So, when your lava is in the inferno’s target, you zap the inferno, and it won’t hit lava with increasing damage point. Another function of zap is to execute the minions or minion horde which can be a real problem for our balloon.

Fireball an tornado as spell option

or rage to boost the lava-loon


When you play using this deck all you need to focus is on your balloon. Cover the balloon with your lava. You can spend the use of other cards as your defending your lane. Be wise on spending your elixir because your main strikers; lava and balloon already cost you lot of elixir. That’s all from us champs! If you have some opinion about this style, feel free to fill in the comment column down below! Peace out!