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In your positive mood now, we think it is a good time for us to continue our own discussion series called the Kingdom’s file.

For you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file. The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for today, the card that we will talk about is the card is one of the legendary cards in the game. I think the card is one of the most used cards in the game, particularly at the higher level. Then the card that we will discuss right now is called the Lava Hound!


The lava hound has an appearance like flying beast anyway. The word “lava” anyway describe him well as he is in fact made from lava, I think. Yea, he is hot.

lava hound-intro

He is a building targeting air troop with slow flying speed but the unique thing is once he is dismissed in a battle, he will transform and unleash his lava pups into six burning little things which have the same damage effect as the lava hound.

Well, that describes why the word “hound” stands in his name.

The lava hound is a legendary card that you can find and unlock as soon as you enter the arena 4 (P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse). You will need to spend 7 of your elixir to use the card on a battlefield.

The Flying Hound

Yea you won’t ever see a hound that is flying in the other place, only in the Clash Royale. As described above, the lava hound is a building targeting. So he will not be targeting any of your enemy’s troop.

So, with that ability, like a Giant on the ground, the lava hound will be great to use as an air tank. He will be great to protect the air troop like the baby dragon to absorb the attacks first.

Lava hound-baby dragon-pushing

Took the air completely

The most common and popular strategy using the card is to use the hound to tank a balloon then also would be a great way to create an air pushing. This is commonly called as the lavaloon. He will distract the enemy to attack the hound first and let the balloon behind him to have a clear way to drop the bombs.

But remember that a minion horde will easily counter this combo, so it is better to have an arrow on your deck to prevent the minion horde tear them apart.

Lava hound-balloon-lavaloon

The lavaloon can guarantee you a tower down

The lava hound also would do a good combo with a night witch since the bats that created by the night witch can fill the air by becoming the air swarm army to help the tanky hound in creating the pushing. You can check the details of this strategy completed with the best deck here

There is also a great tip for using the flying hound with using clone to clone him. This is best to use him once he can reach the tower then clone him then you can create the double damage to the tower and of course create the double amount of the pups become 12.

This is a devastating attack that can guarantee you a tower down. All you can check for the details of this tip is here

lava hound-clone

The cloned hound and pups

The tanky flying hound has great hitpoints but it doesn’t make him not vulnerable to be countered. The inferno tower would be great to counter the hound as the single targeting beam fire could tear the hound apart although the beam would not be so great to face the pups later.

Lava hound-inferno tower
Lava hound-lava pups-inferno tower

Like mentioned above the minion horde also would be a great way to counter the lava hound and his pups for the positive elixir trade.


The flying hound and his pups would cost you 7 elixir but his great ability to be an air tank and his pups that also could offer you much then I think this legendary card could fit in very well onto your decks.

That is my opinion anyway, you are in the Kingdom’s file here where it is a discussion panel where you can express all of your opinion of the card.

So feel free to use the comment section to discuss it all, if you guys also have more interesting tips n tricks then you are welcomed to add it here.

Okay, coffee time for the old man here. See you guys later!