The most brutal Lava Hound attack in Clash Royale is revealed finally. This time, Lava Hound combined with Musketeer and Flying Machine as winning conditions. Countering with Lava Hound shall be massive, so, we will have some troops that can give sustained damage. This is it, Lava Hound beatdown deck!


Hey there, I’m JohnnyBoy here, ready to rock your day with new Lava Hound beat down deck. We will talk specifically about the deck matchups and counter defense strategy. The deck itself quite expensive, but seriously this one can beat any deck. By the end of this article, I’m gonna show you the video gameplay to give you better understanding how to play the deck more flexibly. So, let’s see the deck matchups first

Lava Hound beatdown deck


Average elixir cost : 4.0

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The first thing we wanna talk about is Musketeer and Flying Machine. These two cards are shooter with considerably high damage. While protected by Lava, we send both shooter to give sustained damage.

Besides their job as attacker, we can use them for defense too. Whether you defend against air or ground units, you can send one of them to help the main defender.


Alright, our main defender is Valkyrie. Fortunately, she has been buffed and get stronger. You can set her as the damage receiver. And in most cases, I usually use Valkyrie to hold ground attack.


Next, we have Inferno Dragon. I primarily use this one to kill any tankers. The dragon is effective defense card. If you defend against Lava or Golem, for example, just deploy Inferno Dragon and you don’t need to deploy any more card.

It seems like we will have more flying unit. The last air unit is Bats. They will go so reckless in countering and defending. Once you have Lava be the enemy’s target, you can send Bats to diminish enemy’s defenders. Afterwards, they will help Lava, connect to the tower, and in couple second, one tower down.

skeleton army card-clash-royale-army

We have Skeleton Army here. This one is good to be tower’s distraction. Other than that, we can deploy Skeleton Army for defense. If you face troops like Pekka, Prince, or any melee fighter, you can distract all of them with Skeleton Army. In most cases, I also combine Skeleton Army with Lava. So, if your enemy locked on Lava Hound, send the army to help diminishing all troops from the ground.


Lastly, we have Furnace. This is what makes this Lava Hound beat down deck even stronger. The splash damage from Fire Spirit will be so much handy. Either they will kill enemy’s defender, or they will reduce their damage. The spirits will help Musketeer and Flying Machine in enemy’s territory. Since it goes sustainably, after the enemy’s defenders killed, they will connect on the tower, and we will get extra higher damage.

What to do in early game?

In early game, you can actually start countering with Lava Hound at the corner of your lane. However, you need to wait till elixir reaches full bar. After you send Lava, build the Furnace. Otherwise, you can build the Furnace first, then send Lava at the corner of your lane. 


Everything starts from the corner

At this moment, you might need to defend because the enemy will take the opportunity, Lava is very slow guys, especially if we send it from the corner.

In defending, you should have Valkyrie ready. And if the enemy counters with tanker, send the Inferno Dragon.

Keep it in balance, you have Lava on going to the enemy tower. Send Bats to follow Lava and Fire Spirit. Still, don’t lose your focus on defending. You might need Flying Machine or Musketeer to help Valkyrie in defending.


Keep balance, defense is more important somehow

So, in early game, just counter with Lava, Bats, and Fire Spirits. If the enemy decides to defend, you go brutal. I dare to recommend you to go brutally because this is beat down. But, if the enemy can kill your lava so quickly, better wait, and go brutal in next counter.

This is how to counter in early game, not yet!

What to do in late game?

When you enter late game, you counter with Lava, Musketeer, and Flying Machine. Since the elixir recharges faster, I highly recommend you to build Furnace once you have enough elixir.

This is massive counter in 2x elixir

Don’t forget that you have Skeleton Army. The army is very good if your enemy has building card. The army will distract the building. So, Lava doesn’t need to destroy the building card.

The key is to play countering brutally. Just match Lava with Musketeer or Bats or Flying Machine. Afterwards, you send more troops, and so on until the enemy gets so confused to shut it. While Lava Hound is still alive, you sustainably send more and more troops.

Here, Furnace will also help the countering by periodically spawn the Fire Spirit. This is Lava Hound beat down counter.

Card replacement

skeleton army card-clash-royale-armyzap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomarrows-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Skeleton Army with Zap or Arrows

night witch card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Flying Machine with Night Witch



Herewith, I give you a short gameplay showing how to play the deck in real battle. How to sustainably counter while Lava is still alive. Also, show you how to start countering and most importantly, how to effectively defend the lane. Enjoy!


The key to win with Lava Hound beat down deck is to countering brutally. Brutally means you sustainably send the attackers while protected by Lava Hound, go nonstop.

Hope you enjoy this article, Good luck!