This is considered another strong Clash Royale Lava beatdown deck. However, the way we play the Lava deck is so simple and easy win. Lava Graveyard deck combo is ultimately known and popular. Let’s learn how to play Lava Graveyard deck , when to play Graveyard in Lava Hound deck, and how to run effective defense.


Hey there, I’m JohnnyBoy ready to give you another Lava Hound beatdown deck. And today, we will use Lava Hound as a heavy tanker for Graveyard. Let’s see the deck matchups first.

Also, by the end of this article, I will show you the video gameplay. Hopefully, you will get clear understanding of how to play it in real battle. Good luck guys!

Lava Graveyard deck


Average elixir cost : 4.1

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First thing worth to discuss is the presence of Inferno Dragon and Baby Dragon which give significant impact to this deck. I often use both dragons to run effective defense, so you wouldn’t have to waste lots of elixir. I use Inferno Dragon to specifically kill the tanker, and Baby Dragon to handle any troops which follow that tanker.


Next, we have Musketeer as hybrid troop. I think whenever you have Musketeer, you will increase efficiency in defense. Why? It is because you just need one troop to kill both air and ground units. That being said, you’ll likely to allow the enemy to harm your tower a little, but don’t worry guys, there is always risk whenever you play beatdown.


Another ground troop is Valkyrie. I strongly recommend you to choose her due to its high HP and area damage. No matter what, you need one troop to be a damage receiver on the ground. Not the expensive one, just Valkyrie. That will be good for your defense.


Valkyrie maybe need companions to secure the ground. And for that companion, I prefer Goblins. Despite its cheap elixir, they are fast and quite high damage too. I often use three goblins like assassins which to kill the enemy whenever they are locked to Valkyrie or Lava, or any troops that have higher HP then them.


Lastly, we have Arrows. This is the only spell that I think you should include. Don’t fill the deck with so much spells because you don’t need them. Just one destructive spell, with 3 elixir cost, Arrows. Use it whenever the enemy interrupt your graveyard with Skeleton Army or Minion Horde, and Princess.

What to do in early game?

In early game, you can open counter first, but make sure your elixir is full. Of course, you counter with Lava Hound. Always deploy Lava Hound at the corner of your lane, so you will be able to quickly deploy additional card for support.

Once you leash Lava Hound, the enemy will likely to steal counter from the opposite lane. Due to such unexpected thing, you need to let Lava flies alone, and you manage the defense on the opposite lane.

In defending, you need to deploy Valkyrie at the first place. But if the troops are Bandit or Prince, you deploy Goblins first to receive the dash damage.


Sometimes, keep balancing hurts, need to play defensive Graveyard


After you deploy ground troop for defense, strengthen it with the dragons. Which dragons you should send would be depending on what comes to your lane. If it is tanker, you send Inferno Dragon. Otherwise, if they are swarm, you can send Baby Dragon.

You will understand how to defend by watching the video gameplay that I attach below at the end of the article.

The point is, you should keep it balance between countering and defending, especially after you leash Lava Hound.

Lastly, finish the tower by deploying Graveyard once Lava Hound be the tower and enemy’s target. Once you reach this moment, you’ll see the skeletons moment of triumph.


Skeletons moment of triumph! Graveyard is awesome

What to do in late game?

When you enter 2x elixir, you basically run the same counter defense method. But this time, you are more likely to add Musketeer, Inferno Dragon, Baby Dragon and everything to join Lava Hound and Graveyard.

If you fight against the enemy who bring Minion Horde or Skeleton Army, you need to always prepare Arrows once you have Graveyard on the tower. Let the skeletons pile up, and destroy the tower.

In 2x elixir, feel free to add any troops to counter

Since your elixir will recharge faster, you can always counter push with Graveyard although you don’t have Lava Hound. That will happen if your defenders remain high HP after defending. Although this is not as massive as Lava Graveyard combo, somewhat the enemy don’t have a card to stop the Graveyard.

Card replacement

goblins-card-clash-royale-kingdomgoblin gang-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Goblins with Goblin Gang.


Here, I will provide you video gameplay in which I played in arena 10. Pay attention to how I manage defending after I leash Lava. Additionally, when and where to deploy Lava. Hopefully, you can get clear understanding of it, Good luck!  


The key of success is to play balance. This is considered beatdown deck and that said, the enemy will likely to counter you shockingly on the opposite lane. Don’t worry, we have a strong and synergy defense line up.

Lastly, you should always deploy Graveyard once the enemy focus on other troops. Don’t waste your Graveyard by sending it without any of your troops come to attack the tower.

Good luck!