Bunch of Clash Royale latest news has arrived!  


Hello, my favourite champs all over the world! Okay pal 3 days from Christmas here, and we got the latest news for you to know, as you are feeling the Christmas vibes right now.

Royal Ghost First Appearance


latest news-royal ghost-1

The game has teased us with the first appearance of the Royal Ghost, the newest legendary card that will be released by the game.

And what is exciting about that is it is confirmed now that he can fly! Not only flying, the new legendary card also can somehow hide and appear suddenly in the arena. Yep, exactly like a ghost. Man, this is cool.

He looks like a tough grandpa with plenty of battling experiences. Looks like a Jedi Master to me. He also has this crown on his head. Is he a ghost king? We’ll figure it out later.

We haven’t known much about the details anyway. But one thing that you can do to know more details about him is, there will be the Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge that will be started in just 4 hours from now.

Can’t wait for this because from what I have seen, he just looks so awesome.


latest news-royal ghost mirror challenge

The challenge is a mirror challenge that later in your deck will contain Royal Ghost on it. So, in the challenge you will have to do the pure skill battling as you and your enemy will have the same exact deck.

The challenge itself will give you a chance to win the legendary grandpa, and of course a lot of prizes. So be ready to test your skill!

Clash-A-Rama! season 2 New Trailer

The season 2 of the Clash-A-Rama is arriving and the Supercell also has launched the trailer of the season 2!

Plenty of funny stories will be soon watched by all of us. I bet this one will be funnier than before (I see a Santa in the trailer!).

Maybe it is about Christmas? I don’t know. We’ll see that on 23 December as Supercell teased us something on that date.

latest news-clash a rama-1
latest news-clash a rama-2
latest news-clash a rama-3
latest news-clash a rama-4

Okay, that’s all the latest news from us. Stay tuned for more update of the game and a happy early Christmas from us, my friend. God bless you all!