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Back with us again the Kingdom’s crow and today we will continue our series of Kingdom’s file! 

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion or tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can put yours.

For this series, the card that we will talk about is the one and only Knight.



What should we know about the Knight? I think he is no need to explain much as I guess many of you have known much about the card.

Knight is one of the first cards that you all can get as soon as you entering playing the game. The card even will be unlocked as soon as you entering the training camp.


First, we will take a look at his appearance. The Knight like what he is called has appearance exactly like a knight completed with a strong sword in his hand.

If you take a look at his face then maybe you would imagine an uncle with that blonde hair. His moustache is so wide yet so tidy. I bet he takes care his moustache all the time.

The Knight is categorized as the common troop, when you will need 3 elixir to deploy on the battlefield.


Draw the Swords

As what usual Knight does and like what you imagine when hearing the word knight, the Knight in Clash Royale is exactly the same.

The main ability of the card is to use his sword to fight the enemy in a true physical battle. He is the real man fighter I think anyway.

Knight can be categorized as the mini tank as he has a great deal of health. This makes him can be used as a tank to create a pushing to your enemy’s territory.

This makes him effective to accompany a card like witch as he will protect the witch and makes the witch easier to do her job.


The Knight combine with the Witch

On the other hand, if the witch becomes the enemy of the Knight, then it can be effective to use as he will create damage effect and hurt the witch with his sword.

It is important to deploy him near the witch as the witch will have no time to use her range attack and make the knight easier to deal with her straight physically


Facing the Witch in a physical battle

Not only with the witch, the Knight is also sufficient to protect the swarm armies like the goblins or the skeletons. In a ground battle, usually, the swarm armies will be easily beaten by the Valkyrie with her area damage.

The ability of the Knight will be an effective counter to her as he will fight on par and beat her.

Knight vs Valkyrie

Knight is a very versatile card to use as he can be used in defence also in attack. To use him in defending he can be a counter to a tank

In facing a tank card like a Giant, he can create damage on the Giant and have the possibility to dismiss him.

Different from a Giant, In facing a card like P.E.K.K.A, of course, the chance of beating the beast would be little but the good point is Knight will waste the P.E.K.K.A time quite a lot while also creating damage impact on her.

Of course, like the other tank cards, one of the easiest ways to dismiss the Knight is by using the swarm armies since the skeletons army or the minions will easily dismiss him.



The Knight is still one of the most familiar cards in the game and also still relevant to use in the higher level. This is a little prove that the card could offer you a lot of advantages.

The elixir using that cost you only 3 elixir and of course his versatility in the battlefield will give him a bigger chance to fill one of your decks’ slot.

Since we are talking about the Knight’s versatility, I guess you guys have more trips and tricks to use the card more than that I mentioned above. There is a big chance that this card is one of your fav cards in the game.

Feel free to use the comment section if you guys want to share it or add your opinions on the card. It would be lovely to hear yours.

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