Hello, world! Man, it’s November already, damn mate I don’t know what’ve done this year. Feels nothing. How about you? 
Yea don’t feel useless mate, you have been a goddamn genius for playing Clash Royale all the time this year. That’s a big contribution to the world. Trust me. Your mama is proud.


Okay, don’t get too over-proud. Back to game, here there is something very important and exciting for all of the Clash Royale players all over the world. This would be the time to test yourself to face the Kings of Clash Royale. Yap, the one of the greatest challenge that made by the game will arrive soon. The name of the challenge is King’s Cup!

Just like what it is called, the King’s Cup will the battle of the Kings. In this exciting challenge, you will fight to reach 8 slots as the top stage and by that, you will get the chance to face the 8 most popular Youtubers in the Clash Royale community. And that’s the time you will face that 8 most-skilled players. So, draw your sword and make yourself ready to fight that Kings.

Aside from the chance to fight the 8 youtubers, you will also get $100.000 prize pool!

The event will take place on 6 November in Jet Center, Los Angeles, California. But don’t worry for you guys everywhere in the world can stream live the tournament on Youtube Gaming.

The challenge itself would be divided into 4 stages.
There are Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3 until you reach the final stage and face the 8 youtubers.

The Heat 1 will be the pre-elimination where hundreds of players will be fighting each other to the next stage and there will 128 players that qualified to the next stage. This heat 1 will run for 1 hour.

The Heat 2 will be the next stage where the 128 players will continue fighting for the next stage. This stage also run for 1 hour.

The Heat 3 then will be the semi-final where there will be 68 players last and remain to fight for the final 8 slots. The same as the previous stage, this stage also run for 1 hour.

Then finally the final stage where you can face the 8 kings. The final stage will last the best 8 players to fight the top 8 youtubers.

Make yourself 8 if the best and beat that 8 youtubers and win the throne!  

You can check the official web of the challenge to look for more details in kingscuptournament.com

Put your thoughts on the challenge in the comment section down below.

Happy November rain, cheers!