Hey yow, wasted uncle is back again. Today we have a very exciting news for you all that have been waiting for the King’s Cup. 


Since we know that the King’s Cup will be back, today we got information that a challenge to prepare you all entering the King’s Cup has also been released. And it will start exactly today!

For your information (well sure you have known it), this week will be full of King’s Cup excitement and of course it will be an epic week!

Start with the King’s Cup challenge, the challenge will start exactly today until the October 29th

And of course, the two days grand King’s Cup Tournament on October 28th and October 29th.

You all can watch the day 1 and day 2 of the tournament live soon!

The King’s Cup challenge itself will be styled in blind deck with the decks that created by the teams competing in the tournament! Oh, this is exciting.

The pro players and the famous Clash Royale Youtubers teamed up to form the King’s Cup teams and they have created their team’s Signature Deck” for this challenge.

The challenge that starts today will have three stages.

king's cup

First start with 
practice with the free entry where you can get prizes of rare cards for 4 crowns, 500 golds for 7 crowns and 5 gems for 10 crowns.

After you completed the practice stage then you will unlock the challenge stage where you can collect 1000 gold for 2 wins, 1500 gold for 4 wins and 2000 gold for 6 wins as your reward with the top prize of 600 gold and 25 cards at 6 wins. 

And for the last, you will enter the elite challenge after you completed the challenge stage where you can collect 4000 gold at 2 wins, Giant Chest at 5 wins, Magical Chest at 7 wins and legendary chest at 9 wins! and of course the top prize of 6000 gold and 300 cards at that 9 wins.

How can you avoid that, mate. Of course, as usual, you are not allowed losing 3 matches so get ready.

All you have to do right now is to check all of the signature decks” that they have created below!

king's cup

Make sure you learn the decks first and prepare yourself for the challenge and of course for the upcoming grand tournament. It is only 4 days more!

Me signing out for now, cheers!