The Ultra Nytes is Here

Howdy people of the world? What’s up? I wish you in a good health alright so you can hang out with beloved person tomorrow.

Here we are now counting down the big tournament of this month “King’s Cup II.

So many youtubers will collaborate with pro players playing together as a team.

For more detail of the tournament, you can check out our news for team info and the deck.

Meet the “Ultra Nytes” 

Alright folks, in today’s article, I’m gonna show you one of my favourite deck in King’s Cup II.

I don’t know who made this deck, but this deck is so strong for sure.

The team who will play this deck on the tournament is one of favourite youtuber Nickatnyte and the pro player Namsensei. 

This deck called “Ultranyte” Deck using Mega knight and night witch as primary counter cards.

The biggest reason why I love playing with this deck is because the gameplay will be so simple.

Alright, let’s get into the deck matchups.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.9


Play This Deck

Welcome to the dark side of the moon everyone! This deck seems so dark and the first thing come up in my mind is Batman.

That’s because we have mega knight who wears full black suit. Black mask, jump ability, and sure he is so dangerous just like batman.

Besides, we have night witch that can spawn bats. Nah, that strengthens “Batman” terms.

We can find mega knight on Hog Mountain (Arena 10) or Legendary Chest.

Many special abilities that we can utilize from him. He has spawn damage like electro wizard but doesn’t affect air units.

High jump damage; level one 480 and in max level (level 5) 700

The number of jump damage equals to spawn damage.

Batman in action

As you may all know, night witch is the perfect support for mega knight.

It is because its bats spawns. Bats can be very effective to support the mega knight.

The reason is because they attack incredibly fast and they are flying.  

You should go figure yourself how incredible the bats supporting the batman.

So, we will do every counter with mega knight, night witch, and poison.

Poison is a must. Batman is super high-tech guys, so, he should be able to anticipate anything that could harm him.

Mega knight is often counter by swarmy such as bats, minions, or even the most dangerous, minion horde.

And since he can’t counter the air units, we should provide him poison.

By sending poison on the swarmy, mega knight will survive from swarmy massacre.

Besides, we need poison to keep the night witch out of danger.

She is like bats deliverer because she can’t counter the air units, she counters in short range too.

So, the major thing of the night witch is the bats; we should keep the witch alive to keep spawning more and more bats.

Mega knight is so expensive and so, we need faster elixir recharge to send the support.

Without collector, we may be able to send mega knight and night witch, but we won’t have a strong defense because lack of elixir.

After we send mega knight and night witch, we have to mind the defense.

Talking about defense, we have baby dragon and mega minion as primary defensive cards.

The “ultranyte” also provides ice spirit to give freeze effect in both defending and countering.

Send the ice spirit to silent the fast troops like elite barbarian, inferno, minion horde, miner.

One ice spirit should be able to chill the for secs and let us hit them by our mega minion or zap.

Mega minion is a very good defensive card because it has reliable damage and HP within cheap elixir. 3 elixir only.

Another air defense that we have is baby dragon.

We need at least one splasher to handle incoming swarmy.

You can replace baby dragon with wizard if you like.

But baby dragon is cheaper and he flies too, so we will prevent the log damage.


To run the “Ultranyte”, we need to build up collector first.

Afterwards, wait till elixir enough to run mega knight.

Since the elixir recharge is fastened, you won’t wait too long.

Send the mega knight behind the crown tower.

Mega knight from behind allows us to wait for elixir recharge

Thus, we can put night witch after mega knight without long delay.

Batman in action!

Once you reach this state, prepare poison.

Remember, you have similar spell here; zap and poison.

They meant to get rid of the swarmy around mega knight.

If the enemy just sends skeleton army or bats, go with the zap.

Different with zap, you should deploy poison once the mega knight enters the enemy lane and head to head with the enemy’s troops.

If you late on deploying the poison, mega knight will be running out of HP.

That’s all you need to do for counter.

Oh, about the use of poison, you better use your poison if the enemy has collector, or any building cards.

Poison will also be worth it if we use it to reduce three musketeers.

Batman in defense

Rely the defense on mega knight might be good option.

Play defensive mega knight to counter tankers like golem, mega knight, giant skeleton, royal giant.

The mega war

Ready to rock?

Now, I’m gonna show you one inevitable trick that you can use to trick the enemy.

That’s easy folks

If you already get one princess tower, send the night witch besides the living princess tower.

Once the night witch enters the bridge, send mega knight on the middle space of the enemy lane.

This is the dark side of the moon that enemy doesn’t know.

Inevitable trick like this allows us to let the night witch spawns more bats

And those bats will survive because mega knight will tank it from the middle.

Mega Bats


Playing with this deck is simple, relying the counter on mega knight and night witch only.

The bats will support the batman on every move.

They are many, they are flying, reckless, and protected by the mega “batman” knight.

Alright folks, I think that’s it for today’s article.

I hope you find this article useful and what do you think about the batman in action? Superb huh? Go figure

Good luck and have fun

See you on the battlefield!