Hey! Monday here, don’t say bad things about Monday mate. Everybody is talking bad things about Monday but I always think Monday doesn’t deserve that. I love Monday. It’s the people who are wrong.


Okay random thoughts end, sorry. For this lovely Monday, you all should be excited to hear this because one of the biggest things ever happened in Clash Royale will be back soon. What is that?


One of the biggest events in Clash Royale is back. Last time happened almost a year ago, now the greatest tournament including all of the best player in all over the world together with the best Youtubers in Clash Royale community has arrived once more. And this time the prize of the cup will be THE BIGGEST IN CLASH ROYALE HISTORY!

Yap no kidding, the prize will be the biggest one with you will have a chance to win total prize of 200.000 Dollars. Mate, that is huge. I can buy my first car with that.

The Cup will be held on 28th and 29th October in Atlanta, Georgia.

Different from the first edition, the King’s Cup this time will not only included top 8 Youtubers in Clash Royale community but also included top 8 pros in Clash Royale. So, in the finale, you will team up with each of the Youtuber and Pro to become the last 8 team to compete for the cup.

There are certain formats that you should know about the tournament they are…

In the day 1, there will be an open tournament. Like the first edition, there will be stages that all the players have to go through. But different from the last King’s Cup, this edition will have 5 heats and the finale where the top 8 winners will be found.

The heat 1 will have 500+ players that will be qualified to heat 2 where the players will cut down into 250 players. Heat 3 cut down into 125 challengers, heat 4 into 60 challengers, heat 5 into 20 challengers. The 20 challengers then will fight their places in the last 8 slots where they will team up with the Youtubers and Pros. The last 8 challengers then will go through the day 2 where the real final will be held.

In the day 2, the 8 top Youtubers, the 8 top pros and of course you the lucky 8 will team up to win the prize. The top eight Challengers from the open tournament will each be drafted onto a team with one YouTuber and one Pro to compete in a championship tournament.

The prizes that you will get if you decide to join and maybe win the challenge, the prize list is…

Day 1 Runners Up:

Places 20-9: $100 gift card

Championship prizes (per team):

8: $15,000

7: $15,000

6: $16,500

5: $18,750

4: $21,000

3: $24,000

2: $30,000

1: $60,000

This is the biggest prizes that the game ever rewards to the players, so draw your sword, prepare your mental, get into the battlefield and don’t forget to kick some arses!

You can get all the detail information of this major King’s Cup II on their official web at kingscuptournament.com

Say everything on your mind about this King’s Cup II, everything about in the comment section mate!

The Monday kid signing out here, cheers!